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Women’s Love Luna Underwear

Enjoy complete confidence and comfort at that time of the month with the collection of premium Love Luna period underwear online at Best&Less. An brilliant range made from ultra-absorbent fabric with 2-way stretch and padded features, Love Luna briefs make the perfect period panties for day and night wear. From full briefs that flatten your mid-section and add shape to your silhouette to low-rise bikini briefs that make an essential everyday design, our selection is suitable for women of all shapes and sizes. With comfortable fits made from reliable fabric and some sleek designs to match, make the most of our Love Luna period underwear and make away with menstruation-induced anxiety.

When it comes to underwear, bikini briefs make a great option for everyday wear. Featuring a low-rise style that’s slim at the sides with medium coverage at the back, bikini briefs boast the ultimate fit and feel. Microfibre fabrication makes for a soft and slinky feel against the skin while an inbuilt pad with 4 layers of protection aims to prevent any leaking. Soft cotton lining, absorbent padding, a waterproof layer and a final microfibre layer all contribute to the technology that makes these briefs perfect for everyday wear. Wear them beneath skirts and shorts in summer as breathable daytime briefs or beneath any pyjamas from flannelette pants to nighties for reliable period underwear at night.

On days where you desire added coverage and comfort, take advantage of midi briefs. Designed to sit on the lower curve of the hips and provide full bottom coverage, midi briefs make a modest option with a mid-rise waist and longer legs. Fashioned in a sporty cut with their ingenious inbuilt pad, these briefs have you sorted for exercise and sports days when you have your period. Measuring at around 3mm thick, the padded area is discreet enough for everyday wear.

For women who experience heavy or irregular periods, make the most of full briefs that provide complete coverage. Featuring a high-waist style that flattens your stomach and flatters your mid-section, these briefs add shape to your silhouette while supplying maximum comfort at that time of the month. The inbuilt pad allows the brief to absorb between 15-20ml of liquid, the equivalent of 3-4 tampons, and can be used on its own or as a backup. Team them with other high-waisted styles such as jeans and pants and enjoy the ultimate confidence no matter the colour or clothing.

Make away with period-induced anxiety and wear whatever you like thanks to the amazing Love Luna period undies online at Best&Less. An amazing range featuring different shapes and sizes each with 2-way stretch and padded features, Love Luna briefs make for the perfect period panties day or night. Choose from bikini briefs that make a great everyday option and mid or full briefs that provide added coverage when you need it. Flattering fits, absorbent fabrics and some style to match, this range was designed with menstruation in mind.