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Women's Dressing Gowns

The dressing gown is the traditional garment worn around the home on lazy mornings and lounging with the family at night. They are designed to ensure ultimate comfort levels while you're wearing them and come in a range of designs and styles ideal for every season of the year. When you're shopping for a dressing gown, always choose a loose fitting size which will effortlessly envelop you, even when you're wearing a full complement of winter weight pyjamas underneath. Our range of dressing gowns and robes are available to order online through the Best&Less online store and we have an affordable dressing gown for everybody, every season and every style.

Starting with our women's clothing range, our selection of dressing gowns include soft fleece winter weight sleeping gowns ideal for keeping the cold at bay at night and first thing in the morning. Choose from a range of lengths and fabrics in soft feminine prints, colours and designs as well as block colours and bolder designs. Enjoy the sensation of feeling wrapped up in fluffy fabric before bed, nice and warm, ready for a great nights sleep.

Throughout the warmer months, you're not going to want a full length dressing gown and to feel wrapped up and warm. You're going to want to feel cool and comfortable, with the freedom of movement you can only achieve with loose fit robes made from breathable fabrics. Our selection of summer weight robes has been designed for that just that in mind. Choose from long or short length kimono style ladies robes in stunning satin that feels like a silk robe against the skin and remains cool and comfortable all night long.

Pair your sleeping gown with a set of ladies pyjama pants or broader sleepwear also available to order online and choose from our selection of warm winter PJs as well soft summer weight pyjamas in a range of styles, colours and prints perfect for every woman. Choose from soft floral prints and neutral colours like white.

If you're shopping for men's dressing gowns, choose from our men's range of soft fleece gowns and summer weight cotton gowns ideal for lounging around in the morning and waking up gently before starting your day. Team it with our selection of men's pyjamas made for both summer and winter and the seasons in between.

For kids sleepwear and dressing gowns, shop for little boys' robes in a variety of colours, prints and themes including monster novelty gowns complete with a horny hood. Our range of fleece gowns for boys are warm and comfortable and stay securely in place with the use of a tie. For older boys' sleepwear, choose from our range of fleece dressing gowns in cool prints and comfortable fabrics and match them with his favourite pyjama styles available as matching sets or sleep separates.

Our younger girls' sleepwear includes cute and fun dressing gown designs themed with their favourite characters and available in bright and funky colours. Choose from our range of pyjamas to complete the sleepwear set. Our older girls' sleepwear designs and garments include soft satin robes in pretty floral designs she’ll love. As older style robes, our range of dressing gowns are perfect for young women transitioning from fun and character themed sleepwear into more older and mature styles.

What is the difference between a dressing gown and a robe?

When shopping for either a dressing gown or a robe, there are a couple of subtle differences you can take note of depending on the style that you find most comfortable to wear. As a general rule, a dressing gown is usually a garment of heavier fabric ideal for wearing throughout winter over the top of your pyjamas while a robe is often referring to lighter weight materials like linen, cotton and lace ideally worn either on its own or over your summer weight pyjamas. There are no hard and fast rules, however, so a towelling robe and a bathrobe and a dressing gown could be the same thing in reality. The different names are usually only used to help distinguish between our range available to order online.

A dressing gown makes for a great gift idea as they're practical and useful so you know they'll come in handy, and they're easy to guess the sizing of. To ensure that you select the perfect fitting dressing gown for either yourself or whoever you're shopping for, be sure to take note of our easy to understand sizing guide available for each garment. For women's and men's sleepwear double check the measurements for the dressing gown you want against your own measurements before you pick a size. Remember, that when it comes to sleepwear and a dressing gown or robe, you ideally want it to feel like a looser fitting garment than the rest of your wardrobe. It will most likely have to fit over your pyjamas or allow for a cool and breezy fit throughout the summer months, so opt for a size that will feel comfortable no matter what the weather is like or the season you're in.

Order your complete sleepwear selection including your dressing gown with Best&Less and choose from our affordable range of stylish pieces ideal for every member of the family and every season of the year. We delivery Australia wide for any of the products you purchase online.