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Women's Board Shorts

Women's board shorts are signature style shorts made for swimming and lounging at the beach and by the pool. Our range of women's board shorts include a selection of fun and funky beach prints, colours and designs to suit all women and all body shapes. When it comes to the right fitting women's swim shorts, comfort is first and foremost. Like any garment that you're going to be relaxing and having fun while you're wearing it, your swimwear shorts needs to be comfortable, supportive and durable.

Our range of women's board shorts include a selection of styles ranging from elastic waist overlay shorts with a lace trim, split hem swim shorts, traditional jersey board shorts as well as a range of colours and prints with relaxed vibes and comfortable fits like long beach shorts for women and our low rise and high-waisted swimwear shorts. If you're not sure what kind of bathing shorts are right for you then the first place to start considering your style of women's board shorts is in what kind of casual or tailored shorts and skirts you enjoy wearing. If you prefer a firmer fitting pair of shorts like Lycra bike shorts or something similar to the loose and flowy kind, then chances are that you'll enjoy wearing those kinds of board shorts while you're in the water.

As board shorts are basically women's swim trunks, you'll want to find a comfortable fitting style that you're happy to wear while you're in the water. If you've never worn board shorts in the water before, you'll probably find the first experience a bit odd but don't let first impressions get the best of you. Women's board shorts not only look great but they also serve an important sun safe factor as well.

When we are swimming, sunlight it reflected up off the water and finds its way to places that are usually quite sensitive to sunlight as they are not often exposed to it. The soft flesh of your thighs and beneath your bottom is the perfect place to get badly sun burned while you're in the water, particularly if you're wearing a new style swimsuit and your sunscreen application has been a bit haphazard. A pair of women's board shorts, however, will help to protect your skin against harsh sun exposure. White is also a reflective colour and can help to bounce off a bit of the suns rays rather than absorb all of them.

Our beach shorts and women's board shorts range also extends to our extensive plus size swimwear range with a variety of styles and coverups also available. If you're feeling a little bit self-conscious about your thighs and legs while you're trying to enjoy yourself at the beach or in the pool then a pair of modest women's board shorts could be the perfect way to get your mind off what you don't want to flaunt and help you concentrate your efforts on flaunting the parts of yourself that you do enjoy having on show.

When choosing your pair of women's board shorts or any women's clothing from Best&Less online be sure to double check our sizing guide to get the perfect fit. All of our available garments online include a sizing chart which clearly shows the measurements that each size is made for. Board shorts normally don't have very much stretch in the fabric so they can be quick unforgiving.

Take some quick measurement of your body shape before you order your women's board short to ensure that you're getting the right fit and shape for you.