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Baby Towels

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Baby bath towels are a baby's first bath-time friend at home. Having the perfect baby towel will help make bath time more enjoyable for both baby and parents. However baby bath towels can be used for more than just bath time. They're perfect for use along with the rest of the baby outfits. They can serve as baby carriers burp clothes baby wraps or swaddle blankets. When it comes to baby bath towels there are many options out there for you to choose from.

Do babies need special bath towels?

Yes! Baby bath towels are part of most essential baby sets. Babies need baby bath towels to keep them warm and comfortable when wet. These baby-sized towels are made specifically for their needs which is why they're often a bit smaller than regular-sized ones.

As your baby gets older you can transition from using a baby towel as part of the bathing process into something that will be used in other parts of his or her daily routine like a burp cloth swaddle blanket or even when carrying him around. Baby bath towels are also fabulous baby gift ideas.

What should I look for when purchasing a baby's first towel?

Picking the right baby accessories including baby knitwear baby shoes and baby bibs can be a daunting challenge. They come in varying colours sizes textures etc. Here are some simple guidelines meant to simplify the process of picking suitable baby bath towels:

Size: Baby towels come in various sizes and it's important that you find the one best suited for your baby's size so that they will be comfortable during bath time. Remember baby skin is extra sensitive. So even if something looks small you need to check whether the towel can cover up everything that needs coverage from head to toe while also being soft enough not to irritate the baby's delicate skin.

Fabric type: Baby bath towels are generally made of fleece or cotton material—meaning one side feels plush and warm while the other feels smoother and thinner. Both are breathable options.

Design: There is a wide range of designs and brands available for baby bath towels which can make it hard to decide which would suit your baby best. Some like hooded bath towels that also come with sleeves while others prefer traditional plain cotton cloths or fleece options.

Length: Baby bath towels are generally long enough to cover a baby from head to toe which is important when it comes to diaper changes.

Hooks:Baby bath towels usually come with a large cotton loop on the back which means they can be hung anywhere in your baby's room without taking up too much space. The best positions are either above their crib or alongside their changing table; this way you have easy access to the towels when you need them most.

How often should I change my baby's bath towel?

The baby's skin is delicate and can easily dry out. To combat this it's recommended to change baby bath towels every two days at the very least or as soon as they start looking worn down.

What's the difference between a baby washcloth vs. a baby towel?

As a new parent you've probably never heard of a washcloth leave alone being able to distinguish between it and a baby bath towel. A baby washcloth has the same function as a hand towel—it's used for wiping and drying babies after they are washed or changed.

1. Washcloths come in many shapes and sizes but must meet these criteria to be deemed safe: Must have soft loops on one side so they can't get stuck in your toddler's mouth or nose. 2. Should not be too big (or else it will cover their head) nor too small (so there won't be enough material). 3. Must have no frayed edges.

How to choose the right size for your baby towel?

Baby's age and size will determine what baby towel is best for them. Babies who are 0-12 months old may need a smaller baby towel while an 18-month-old or older should work with a larger one. If you're not sure which size would be best then ask their pediatrician.

You can also measure your infant from head to toe (subtracting their height) and compare that measurement against a chart of measurements to find the perfect fit. It is highly recommended that you choose the bigger option if you have doubts about sizing because babies grow very quickly.

How many towels do you need?

The answer to this question is not easy and there's no right or wrong answer. It all depends on the size of your kids their age how often you're washing them and what time of year it is (e.g. winter vs. summer).

However it's recommended that you start with at least two baby towels. This way you can have one baby towel in the wash and another on standby for when the baby needs it.

Baby bath towels are must-have baby items for new parents. Best&Less baby towels are soft and gentle on baby skin. We also offer our customers quick delivery options across Australia.

If you want to learn more about our baby bath towels or other baby clothing items feel free to contact our Customer Service team to help you with your shopping needs. Or if there's anything else you need to purchase for your newborn you can browse the various categories in our online store.