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A newborn baby seems to come with an endless list of product requirements from essentials such as nappies basic clothing baby bibs and baby bedding to items such as toys. As sleep is an important part of a newborn baby's life—and that of the parents!—baby bedding is something that definitely needs to be carefully considered and purchased when preparing for the arrival of a new baby. A newborn baby may sleep a total of up to 18 – 19 hours a day so getting the right baby bedding is important to make sure your baby sleeps in comfort and safety.

What type of bedding does a baby need?

Choosing the right baby bedding is important to keep your baby safe. A baby will usually go to bed in a cot or bassinet. When stocking up on baby supplies remember that cot bedding for a baby up to 12 months or even to 18 months should be simple and safe to use.

Loose bedding is not recommended for a baby as there is the chance that they may get entangled in it and be unable to get out. A simple fitted sheet is needed to cover the mattress and then after that baby bedding can be as basic as baby outfits such as an organic baby swaddle sack or other type of sleep sack over a fitted baby suit. Buying a number of fitted sheets will be useful to make sure there are always fresh sheets on hand in the case of any little accidents. Soft muslin fitted sheets are a good choice for a little baby.

Although blankets may be appealing and come in adorable designs and a range of brands they are not advisable for young babies and are a better choice for older babies toddlers and older kids. This is also the same of any type of quilt or cot covers. However they are still something you can shop for as blankets can also be useful for spreading on the floor at home for tummy time or play time. Baby blankets come in a range of materials from cotton to cable knit to plush so there should be something to suit your style.

When shopping for baby bedding think outside of the cot as well as babies will need baby wraps to use as receiving blankets and to swaddle them. You can wrap your baby in a simple muslin or try different fabrics and adorable designs. Baby wraps come in a range of fabrics including light muslin bamboo or jersey interlock which is stretchy and can make it easier to wrap your baby.

A new baby does not need a pillow and in fact it is not recommended that babies have anything such as pillows toys loose coverings blankets or a quilt in the cot with them for quite some time.

How to buy the right baby bedding sets?

First of all practical considerations need to be taken into account when welcoming a baby into your family and shopping for baby bedding and blankets. Make sure that you select the right size of baby bedding for the mattress in your baby cot or bassinet. Cot linen should fit the mattress that you have well and should never be loose. That's why fitted sheets are best as the elastic holds in place better than flat sheets. Most cot mattresses are of a standard size but it is always good to check by measuring the one used by your baby before buying nursery sheets online.

The time of year is also something to think about as you need to make sure you buy the right baby bedding for the weather. Babies will benefit from cool cotton during summertime but may need something a little warmer during wintertime. You might also consider getting a baby sleep sack to give your little one the extra security of a wearable blanket. When shopping for baby bedding look at recommendations for appropriate baby bedding material so as to avoid your baby from becoming too overheated.

As previously mentioned fitted sheets that fit snugly over the mattress are the best buys when shopping for baby bedding. When deciding on the right kind of baby bedding to buy it would be better to choose natural fabrics such as cotton or linen as these breathable materials increase airflow. Instead of synthetic ones choose textiles made from natural fibres such as linen and organic cotton which are known for absorbency and breathability. This means your baby will stay dry and comfortable throughout the night.

Finally cute designs and your favourite colours can also be taken into account—that's where the fun comes in.

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