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Baby dresses are super cute and fun to dress your little one up in. There are so many choices of brands and colours and fabrics for baby dresses available to order online that you might be overwhelmed by the endless possibilities. There are several things to keep in mind when choosing baby dresses for your children. Choose clothes that are easy to put on and off, comfortable for your kid to wear, and easy to wash.

Keep in mind that different seasons require different types of baby dresses. Sleeve length is going to be something to look out for. Winter dresses usually require long sleeves and summer dresses need to be sleeveless or short-sleeved so that your baby doesn’t overheat. Although sleeveless styles are adorable, make sure in summer a baby dress has enough coverage to keep your little one from getting sunburned. Slipping a little short-sleeved bodysuit or tee under a sleeveless dress will offer extra protection.

The material of the dress is a major consideration for parents. Choose fabrics that are comfortable and skin-friendly. As much as possible, choose organic fabrics that are softer to the skin and free from any harmful chemicals. A light fabric such as regular or organic cotton will be ideal for summer dresses especially cute little floral or gingham sundresses. In wintertime, thicker jersey fabrics, cord and denim are more suitable. To make cute baby outfits for winter, pair a denim pinafore dress or skirtall with a long-sleeved T-shirt and tights and pair it with adorable baby shoes. Did you find a little dress on sale that is too summery for winter wear? Check out our baby knitwear and pair the dress with a cute knit jacket and a pair of leggings so that your baby can wear it in cooler weather.

If you are buying a dress for a certain occasion, that may also influence your choice of baby dresses. For a party or for special occasions, your selection of cute baby dresses may include a baby dress with a charming lace collar to give it extra flair and style. This is also the perfect opportunity to pick out some baby accessories to go with the outfit that you have chosen.

Colour and pattern will also be a factor. Do you prefer to dress your baby in trending colours or prefer a more classic style? Dependable denim is always in fashion and is also a hardwearing fabric as an extra bonus. Fruity and floral prints look cute, especially in summer, as do tropical styles.

Baby clothing that is easy to wash and that doesn’t necessarily need to be ironed can save you a lot of time so seek out baby dresses in fabrics that fit the bill.

Not a dress kind of person? A romper is also cute and looks great so it can be a great gift choice.

How should baby dresses fit?

Just like other baby clothing in Australia, baby dresses are sized according to the age of the infant or toddler, so it should be fairly easy to decide what size to pick for your baby or to buy as a gift for a friend or relative. However, be aware that babies do grow quickly. Babies will usually triple their birthweight and may increase in length by about 50 percent by the time they turn one. Babies also vary in height and weight, so a quick check of these to make sure you are actually buying the right size might be useful.

It’s easy to tell if something is too small for a baby as there will be signs such as elastic digging into the baby’s skin, which will be very uncomfortable for them. Likewise, clothing that is too big will flap around and be too long or out of proportion. While it’s probably okay to dress a toddler or older kids in slightly bigger clothes, it’s best to get something that is a reasonably good fit for a younger baby.

Where can I buy baby dresses near me?

At Best&Less, we have a range of cute baby dresses that can be delivered to your door or to any location Australia-wide with just a few clicks. As busy parents, shopping online is an excellent timesaver, especially if you have a newborn or an active toddler. We have flat rate standard and express delivery services available, and you can track your order online, so you’ll know when it is going to arrive. We also have a click and collect service where you can usually pick up your order within 24 hours.

Our online store has a great range of products for newborns. While you are shopping for baby dresses, you can also browse our collection for other useful items such as baby wraps or baby bibs. If you are after baby gift ideas, our essential baby sets are a good starting point.