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At Best&Less we have many excellent baby dressing gowns. If you need some extra layers to help keep your child warm and toasty then a dressing gown will undoubtedly do the job. A dressing gown can be just the thing to keep your baby warm after a bath especially if they run off before you finish with the towel! Have a look through all that we have to offer and choose one in their favourite colour. It is best to get the correct size with dressing gowns as you don't want the hem to be dragged on the ground and get all dirty. You can measure your child from heel to head to get their height and then buy the matching size.

Our dressing gowns are made from various materials but they are all soft and will add that extra layer of warmth on cooler nights. Your baby will simply love slipping these dressing gowns on and relaxing with you before heading off to bed for the night. These dressing gowns are made from Sherpa fleece and have elastic bands in the waist making them extremely comfortable to wear. In addition the dressing gowns are machine washable perfect for when minor accidents happen; simply throw them in the wash and hang them out to dry.

If you are looking for baby dressing gowns for your child you can choose anything that suits your other outfits. All our dressing gowns are suitable for children from six months to twenty-four months. Dressing gowns are best when your child can stand or is beginning to walk. For babies that are yet to walk or stand you may prefer to use baby wraps baby bibs hooded towels and blankets after they get out of the bath. If you're buying a dressing gown as a gift and you're not sure if it is suitable you can also look through our other baby clothing sections. These include baby outfits baby gift ideas baby accessories baby knitwear and essential baby sets.

What are dressing gowns used for?

You'll find there is almost nothing cuter than your child wearing baby dressing gowns. At Best&Less we have some excellent examples of these warm and cosy outfits. Keeping your child warm after a bath is always challenging for parents. But having baby dressing gowns on hand offers your little one something exciting and fun to wear. These gowns are simply perfect for relaxing after a bath and settling down to get ready for bedtime. While dressing gowns are usually used after a bath you can use them at the pool or even at the beach! One of the best things about being a child is that you can wear what you want whenever you feel like it. If your baby wants to wear a dressing gown to the shops on a chilly winter afternoon they totally can! While browsing online you may like to get a pair of baby shoes to keep your child's feet clean. Another clever use for a dressing gown is having a sleepover (or afternoon nap) party with some friends. Your child will be happy and content wearing a dressing gown since it is warm and comfortable. While traditionally dressing gowns are used after soaking in a bath they can be worn over pyjamas just before heading off to bed for the night. Dressing gowns are essentially warm blankets with places for your arms to go. Many children may spend the day in a warm dressing gown if it is too rainy to go outside. So fire up the hot chocolate and get them nice and settled for some perfect bonding time as parent and child.

How do I check the status of my order?

To check on the status of your order you can log into the Best&Less website. After you log in click on the my account menu'. Under that menu you will see all your current and past orders. If your order is not there the order may not have been finalised. For further assistance you can call our customer service team. At Best&Less you have several options for collecting your order. If you prefer to pick up an order of baby dressing gowns at your local store these will usually be available in under twenty-four hours from when it was finalised. We'll send you a notification the moment it is ready and then you can go to your preferred store and pick up your order. For fast collection it is best if you bring a copy of your order and collection notification. All status updates can be found under the my account' menu after you log in to your account.

If you have selected to have your baby dressing gowns shipped to your address you can check the my account' menu for an update. After the order has been dispatched from our Sydney warehouse you'll need to use your tracking code for updates. The shipping time for your order will depend on which shipping option you chose. For express orders your order will be shipped out the same day it was processed (if placed before 3pm). With standard shipping your order may take one to two days to be shipped from our warehouse. All orders are shipped through Australia Post and their delivery times are dependent on how busy their network is at that time. For parcels from Sydney to other capital cities you can expect them to arrive in two to four days. For all other towns in Australia your packages will arrive in less than five working days. If you need assistance with your order don't hesitate to give our team a call.