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Baby Girl Clothes

One of the many joys of having a little one on the way is starting to pick out baby clothes. There are of course the staple items that every family hould have ready to go when their baby is born such as bodysuits rompers and singlets but even babies a few weeks old can begin to wear the cute baby clothes that every expecting parent loves to shop for. The right newborn clothes can ensure that your little one is comfortable but can also help show off their personalities!

Baby outfits can often be gender neutral especially for newborns who often will wear rompers bodysuits and singlets which are all available in a range of colours whether it be white or another neutral or a more classic baby clothing colour such as blue or pink.

Baby clothes for girls come in a variety of silhouettes sizes and colours it can be quite overwhelming to begin shopping and for first time parents figuring out what sizes to buy what fabrics are best and what style of clothing to purchase for their newborn baby girl is no small task.

What Kind Of Clothes Do I Need For A Newborn Baby Girl?

Shopping for newborn girl outfits only differs slightly from shopping for a baby boy. At newborn size which could be anywhere from tiny premature (0000000) to 0-3 months (000) a lot of parents will opt to dress their new arrival in styles that aren't fashion items but rather staple wardrobe pieces that often get changed a few times a day after nappy changes or feeding.

A baby romper for example is an item that every parent is bound to have for their child in a variety of short sleeve and long sleeve silhouettes and can be a cute baby girl outfit with many colours and prints available.

The time of year that your baby is born will also influence the style of baby clothing that you need. Baby winter clothes such as long sleeve bodysuits long sleeve rompers thermals and leggings are needed when the weather is cool as opposed to summer when babies may be more comfortable in simple singlets and shorts. Baby girl winter clothes can include pinafore baby dresses layered with tights matching sweat styles of baby jumpers and baby trackpants and simple layering pieces such as long sleeve baby tees.

Generally speaking newborn girl outfits can be put together with a number of staple and statement pieces just as a toddlers outfits can be put together but it is always good to have a bunch of bodysuits in varying silhouettes and a few singlets to layer as well as rompers and onesies for casual outfits.

What Size Should I Get For Babies Who Are 3 to 6 Months Old?

Choosing the right size when buying baby clothes online can be somewhat difficult especially for first time parents or when gift giving. Australian baby clothes including the cute cheap baby clothes sold here at Best&Less follow a similar size guide that denotes size 00 to fit the average 3 to 6 month old baby. In some cases the size tag on an item of baby clothing will simply say 3 to 6 months.

Clothing size for babies can also be determined by their measurements. At Best&Less our size 00 is designed to fit a baby of 68cm weighing roughly 6 to 8 kilograms.

Baby girl clothes sizing is the same as that of baby boys clothing so when buying gender neutral items you don't need to worry about a difference of fit.

What Are The Best Types Of Fabrics For Baby Girl Clothes?

Cute baby outfits are available in a wide variety of fabrics all of which are generally fine for most babies. However the delicate skin of a newborn baby should be treated with care so certain soft hypoallergenic or sensitive skin friendly fabrics might be the best option for your family.

Cotton is a durable breathable fabric that remains gentle on sensitive skin. For a premature baby who may require hypoallergenic clothing certified organic cotton is an excellent option to ensure no irritation occurs on their skin.

Other fabrics that are excellent to look out for when shopping for cute baby girls clothes include pointelle a feminine open knit fabric often used in baby and kids clothing.

Baby girl clothes are available at Best&Less from must-have everyday items to fashion pieces that will become your little one's favourite things to wear. Shop for baby clothes online today.