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Knitwear is excellent for babies. It keeps them warm and comfy during cold months. The range of baby knitwear available means you can dress your baby according to your preferred style and colour. Choose from a wide range of knitwear and accessories from Best&Less. This babywear is made from soft premium material that is kind to your baby's sensitive skin.

How to choose the right knitwear for your baby?


Fibres such as mohair angora and alpaca look snug and fluffy. But when it comes to selecting the best-knit yarn for your baby these are not good options. Fibres that easily shred could be swallowed. They might also be irritating to your baby's sensitive skin. It is best to avoid single-ply or single yarn fibres. These are often less durable.

Top fibre choices for baby knitwear include acrylic cotton bamboo and Merino. Regardless of what you choose make sure it is soft. Browse baby knitwear in Best&Less and be spoilt for choice. Materials used in these baby wears are premium and high quality. They are guaranteed safe for a baby's sensitive skin.


The knitwear must stand up to the demands of a restless and wiggly baby. The yarn weight is critical. The heavier weight yarns can be too restrictive for tiny babies. You might want to opt for lighter four-ply and DK yarns for baby knitwear. You'll find that a majority of yarns come exclusively in these weights.

But as your baby grows older heavier yarns will be ideal for hats winter jackets and short-sleeves. You can use them as layers on cold days.


Knitwear is more colourful now. There is a vast range from delicate neutrals to pastels to eye-catching bright colours. Try to experiment with fun colours but it may be best to choose knitwear with a dark contrast collar so stains and spills are not too noticeable.

For parents who want to avoid traditional colours for a boy or a girl there are tons of unisex options to choose from. These include orange green and purple. You might also want to consider sophisticated monochrome colours or classic primary colours. Fun rainbow tones are also an incredible choice. Try playing around with various shades of paint on the colour wheel for inspiration.

How to take care of your baby's knitwear?


Storage plays a critical role when it comes to caring for your knitwear. Avoid placing cashmere material and wool on a hanger. Fold them instead. It will mitigate stretching and misshaping.

It will also help if you store your knitwear with mothballs and a lavender sachet to deter moths. Lavender has the advantage of leaving your clothes with a beautiful fragrance. Tuck them into a pocket or in between the layers of your folded baby knitwear.


You cannot stop bobbling on knitwear. But you can keep them looking good as new by applying an electric bobble remover. It acts similar to a razor. It shaves your knitwear leaving it smooth.


You can also get rid of any bobbles from your knits before washing by applying a cashmere comb. Use the brush daily and gently rub down the knitwear to eliminate any excess lint that has formed.


An easy way to ensure baby knitwear remains in good condition is to flatten it after washing. Stretch it out a bit and place a weight on the edges to help keep its original stretch.


1. Fill a basin with warm water and put a liquid laundry detergent.

2. Add the knitwear and soak them for 10 minutes.

3. Remove as much excess water as possible. Press the knitwear gently and avoid wringing it out when rinsing. Pressing will reduce the chances of misshaping.

4. Once the knitwear is cleaned dry the pieces and flatten them to mitigate any stretching.


1. Place baby knitwear in a mesh bag to protect the material from the drum.

2. Load it into the machine and add a gentle laundry detergent.

3. Set your washer to the handwash cycle. This ensures that your machine will wash at a cooler temperature and reduce the speed of the spin cycle to be gentler with your knitwear.

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