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Baby Shoes

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Baby Boys Walker Shoes
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Unisex Baby Walker High Top
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Baby Walker Boots
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Baby Walker High Top
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It's expected that most babies will start walking almost a year into their birthday. As a parent you might receive several pairs of baby shoes and baby outfits as gifts before your bundle of joy arrives. After all they're among the most adorable infant accessories you can buy. Family and friends can't wait to see your baby all grown up and wobbling around in adorable sneakers booties and sandals.

When should your baby start wearing shoes?

Baby boys and girls will start walking at different ages but most infants can be expected to walk by the time they are 12 months old. Until then new born shoes will do. When a baby begins to take their first steps is up for debate and largely depends on the child's development—some may not even crawl before making strides!

It might seem like an arbitrary age to set for when your newborn should start wearing shoes but there are plenty of reasons why it's crucial. Some reasons for buying baby shoes include:

- Protecting their feet from sharp objects like glass shards or loose debris that could cause cuts on bare skin - Preventing blisters as they navigate new terrain with growing legs - Keeping their feet and toes warm in cold weather - Avoiding slipping when they start traversing wet surfaces like floors or wooded paths - Giving them a much-needed sense of stability as their balance improves with age

What should you consider when buying baby shoes?

It's a good idea to buy versatile shoes and can be used throughout various stages of your child's development. You don't want to have to keep buying new pairs as they grow quickly. Here's what to keep in mind when you decide to buy baby shoes:

- If the pair has adjustable straps on the side it will fit them much longer. Your little one is sure to love choosing their footwear from an early age too (and won't need any help putting them on) so there should be a wide range of options out there.

- You'll need shoes with breathable leather or fabric uppers that will allow air circulation. Babies are especially prone to sweating in enclosed spaces so they should never wear closed shoes (even sandals) when inside all day long.

- Consider buying baby shoes in larger sizes especially if they'll use them for a few years. Softer soles will also make it easier for babies to walk and absorb shock from uneven surfaces.

Types of baby shoes

Boots: A good idea for the colder months boots protect your baby's feet from wet ground and help keep them warm in the winter.

Sandals: Great when your child is learning to walk sandals can protect your toddler from dangerous surfaces like hot pavement on a summer day.

Sneakers/Trainers: Best for kids at least 12-18 months old who walk a lot outside. These baby shoes will offer protection against uneven ground such as concrete sidewalks or grassy fields. They usually have thicker soles that provide more support than sandals so babies won't get tired quickly and fall often while wearing them. However most trainers may not be as soft and flexible in the sole for toddlers who are still learning to walk.

Tennis shoes: Good for kids who tend to run a lot outside they will usually have thicker soles than trainers which means it gives more support when your child runs or walks on uneven ground.

Knowing when to move up a size

Babies' feet grow fast and it's best to re-measure your child's feet every 6 to 8 weeks. This means that a child in size three shoes may be ready for size five by the end of their first year. For every new shoe measure your baby's feet again and compare them to the shoe's measurements. Keep track of when you last measured so you know how much they've grown over time.

Your baby won't have trouble walking or running if their shoes are the right fit. However when they outgrow them the shoes will hurt their tiny feet. Therefore you should quickly move up to the next size when your baby has outgrown their shoes.

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