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Couples who are expecting a baby are excited to receive their bundle of joy. But they can be confused and clueless shoppers. Putting together baby outfits can be a puzzling challenge. It isn't easy to ascertain the correct size that will perfectly fit the baby.

A pair of baby slippers with the right fit will make a massive difference for your little one. Not only is fitting them with the right slipper comfier but it will also promote optimum foot development. A slipper will protect them as they explore their surroundings more and more.

Brands often group baby slipper sizes by age. For example you might be finding slippers 0 to 6 months or 6 to 9 months. While this can be helpful it is only a starting point in sizing your baby's feet. No two baby feet are the same. Your baby's own feet will slightly differ from each other. There is no ultimate standard for age-based sizing.

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How should baby slippers fit?

- Visually Check the baby slippers

The slippers of your baby must look snug. It must not leave any marks on your baby's feet. You also have the option of visiting Best&Less physical stores. Thus you can see for real how the baby slippers will fit your precious baby.

- Toe test

Measure your baby's toes from the big toe to the tip of the slipper. The longest toe must sit between the pinkie and the width of your thumb from the slipper's tip. If it is longer the baby might trip. If it is any less the fit might be too snug. Your baby will outgrow the slippers fast.

The materials will also have an impact. Moccasins are typically made of leather and will be firmer. Overall you must ensure that your child's foot isn't restricted inside their new baby slippers. If you feel it is too tight there is a good chance they probably are or might be soon.

- Test the width of the slipper

The incredible thing about soft-soled slippers such as baby moccasins is they stretch to fit the width of your baby's feet. You must be able to pinch a bit of the material between your fingers at the widest point. If you are unable to do this they are too snug. Moccasins are ideal for both skinny and larger feet.

- Pinkie test

You must slide your pinkie between your baby's heel and the backside of the slipper. Your finger must fit without extra room for optimum fit.

Slipper sizing tips

Use a size chart from the brand you are considering purchasing baby slippers. You should not have any issues selecting the best slipper size for your baby. The following are some mistakes to avoid:

Hand-me-down slippers - Try to steer clear of hand-me-downs while your little one is still developing their motor skills. Slippers will mould to the child's foot through use. Thus hand-me-downs are already moulded to the first wearer's foot. It could result in irritation in areas where the slipper rubs against the flesh of the foot. It might even cause your baby to shift their weight inaccurately while walking.

Foot size - Babies grow up fast. Before you know it they will need to size up. Baby slippers will typically require an upgrade about every three to four months. You must monitor their growth with regular checks every two months. It ensures that they don't start to outgrow their baby slippers. It is best if you set a reminder on your phone so you can remember to check. If your little one starts taking their slippers off and hobbles around those are signs that they have outgrown them. It would help if you shopped for a new pair quickly.

Purchase big slippers - Opt for the larger size if you have done all the calculations and find your baby between sizes. An additional room for feet to grow is a good thing.

When should your baby start wearing slippers?

Pediatricians have been debating the potential effects of baby slippers on developing feet. Experts at the American Academy of Pediatrics say that babies don't require slippers until they walk.

Once your baby starts walking it is recommended that you purchase slippers that are comfy and provide traction on slippery surfaces. It must fit snugly at the heel but still be roomy enough at the toes. Slippers with higher ankles will help reduce the chances that your little one will take them off.

Once your baby takes its first steps you must consider price comfort and style when shopping for baby slippers. Ensure it fits right and isn't too small. Most importantly protect your baby's feet with soles that are flexible and skid-resistant.

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