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Babies have the cutest little feet with adorable tiny toes, so it’s fun to choose baby socks, tights and other footwear for them. Baby socks, tights and other footwear are also super cute because of the variety of designs and fun colours available. Baby socks, tights and other footwear are designed to meet the different needs of your growing baby, from teeny tiny socks for newborns, to non-slip soles and padded knee tights for babies on the move and socks in a range of styles and colours for your toddler who might be starting to have an opinion about what they like and don’t like.

How to choose the right socks and tights for your baby?

There are a number of things to think about when choosing baby socks, tights and other footwear for your baby. The product should be the right size but also have the right features for your growing baby.

Socks for newborns are great for keeping those little feet warm. Infant socks should preferably be cotton, and sustainable organic cotton is always appreciated when buying socks as a gift for a newborn baby. As socks for newborns are so tiny, it’s often a good idea to choose baby socks, tights and other footwear that come in a multi-pack in case some get lost in the wash. That way, there would always be an extra pair. Sweet little patterns make baby feet extra cute especially when there are special Christmas designs added to them to add cheer during the holiday season.

Babies who are starting to move around a bit or crawling may benefit from footless tights to help stop them from sliding. Knee padding might also be a bonus to prevent wear and tear on the tights, as well as to protect little knees from wear and tear. When your baby starts to stand, one way of prevent sliding is to buy baby socks, tights and other footwear that have non-slip soles. These will help keep your baby safe from sliding on wooden floors. This way, your baby will be able to take his or her first steps with confidence.

To keep little toes warm in cooler weather, thicker baby socks or booties might be the best choice, especially when you want to take your baby outside. Ribbed baby socks and tights have a cute retro look and also are a little warmer than plain ones, as are babies’ long socks. Cosy little booties in plush or ever so slightly fluffy fabrics look adorable on little feet and a ribbed ankle gives a snugger fit which will help to keep them on. Is there anything cuter than a baby in animal booties? Whatever the weather, baby socks are available in a range of lengths from low cut to knee-high, so you can choose the right length for different seasons.

Similar to baby outfits, the size of baby socks, tights or other footwear is often determined by the baby’s age rather than their exact foot measurement. Socks for toddlers are often sold by age rather than foot measurement as well. This makes it much easier to grab a pair of socks or tights than if you had to try and measure a little baby’s foot in order to get the right fit.

Finally, there is the aesthetic factor. Or, the cuteness factor, if you like. Baby socks, tights and other footwear are adorable, and there are so many different designs and colours to choose from that it may be hard to choose which ones to buy. Baby lace socks or baby socks with frills could complement a baby outfit for a special occasion. Baby socks that match or contrast with the colour of the baby shoes will create a super cute look for your little one. Stripes, spots, hearts, animals, rainbows…check out our range of baby socks, tights and other footwear.

Where can I buy baby socks and tights near me?

Looking to purchase some baby socks, tights and other footwear for your baby or perhaps you’d like to add some items to a baby gift hamper? At Best&Less, we have an extensive range of baby socks, tights and cute little booties available online. You will be spoiled for choice since there is a large selection of colours, patterns, lengths and sizes as well as different items for a range of temperatures. While stocking up items for your baby, it’s good to note that we also have cotton socks for kids. While you shop for baby socks and tights, why not check out our range of baby shoes to pair with the socks that you purchased? Give your baby boy or baby girl a stylish look by shopping for great baby accessories online.

We also have lots of other great baby products that make great baby gift ideas. You can take your pick from essential baby sets to baby wraps to baby bibs or even cosy baby knitwear. Our online selection is available for delivery Australia-wide, making Best&Less a great place to shop for your baby.