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Childhood is the most beautiful and memorable period of our lives. Many things can make it more delightful including baby soft toys. These cuddly cute huggable plushie friends provide a sense of security for young ones as they make their way through the milestones of childhood.

Not only that but baby soft toys are great for development because they encourage imaginative play and teach baby cause-and-effect skills. When placed inside a cot crib or bed children can snuggle in their favourite baby soft toy allowing them to drift merrily into a relaxing sleep.

How to choose soft toys for babies?

It's not easy to choose baby soft toys because there are so many options. However here are a few considerations you need to look at for you to choose the right baby soft toys for your munchkin:

What are the baby's favourite colours and animals?

What are the baby's favourite textures?

Is it durable?

Does it have a squeaker or not?

How big is the toy in comparison to your baby and their hand size?

What is your budget like?

What are the baby's favourite soft toys?

Do they have allergies or sensitivities to certain fabrics colours etc.?

How old is the baby?

Where does the child sleep?

Why should you get baby soft toys?

If you are looking for baby gift ideas- whether for your child or a friend- consider buying a soft baby toy. Parents will be delighted to receive these gifts and they make fabulous baby shower presents too. The benefits of baby stuffed toys go beyond mere cuddling entertainment for babies. The toys also help with:

- To increase their touch time with adults or other children.

- Increase tactile awareness.

- It can help babies sleep better by providing comfort as it's often placed in cribs beds or cots near them when they are sleeping.

- They provide company - particularly if parents work late shifts.

- Baby soft toys make childhood more delightful and memorable.

- Soft toys for babies are cute and make your kid happy.

So what are the best stuffed animals for babies?

As you may be aware when shopping for baby knitwear essential baby sets or virtually anything- there's no one-size-fits-all answer to things. It all boils to individual preferences. However here's my list of top baby soft toys:

- Baby plush toy frog

- Baby rattle

- Baby plush toy bear

- Baby plush toy meerkat

What should you know about the baby's safety?

Picking a suitable baby toy for your child shouldn't be taken lightly. You must do some research into what material the baby toy is made from and the manufacturing process before purchasing.

Always read the labels of any toy or game before purchase: it must be ASTM certified (for ages 0+) have CE certification(for use in Europe) or meet US CPSIA requirements (which covers all other age groups).

The label will also state whether the contents are phthalate-free heavy metal-free and/or lead-free. Check that there is no warning icon on the packaging such as choking hazard sharp point etc.

Where can I buy baby soft toys?

There are countless organic soft toys stores spread across Australia- both online and traditional brick and mortar stores. The best baby soft toys stores will have a wide selection of baby soft toys to choose from- for all budgets and tastes.

However over the years more and more individuals opt to do their shopping online- thanks to the numerous benefits associated. If you are like the other millions of Aussies then Best&Less would be an ideal starting point.

What do I need to know before buying baby soft toys?

- The toy's price will depend on its quality and size- it's possible to find cheaper ones as well

- The best prices can be found online

- Check the price. Cheap baby soft toys may not meet all the necessary safety requirements making them a wrong choice in general. It's always better to spend more

- Check the quality of the toy without damaging it

- Check if it will provide your child with educational benefits

- Find out if there is a warranty on the baby doll and what exclusions are included in it

- Check for any flaws or irregularities on its surface

- Find out if any small parts could be swallowed by the baby and may cause a choking hazard

How to take care of baby soft toys

The most important thing to do with baby soft toys is to take care of them by following these tips:

- Store your baby's new friend away from direct sunlight heat sources or windows where air conditioners blow cold air

- Keep the baby's toy away from other children's toys since it's possible for the baby to share germs when they play with the same toys

- Don't let the baby chew or suck on the doll; this could lead to choking if the baby swallows any small parts

- If you know your child might put their mouth on the baby's toy cover it with a blanket or towel to protect the baby

- Wipe off the baby's toy before and after each use; this will reduce the chance of spreading any germs that might be on your hands onto the baby

Hand wash baby soft toys by soaking them in warm water mixed with soap for up to five minutes

Baby soft toys make childhood more delightful and memorable. Best&Less baby soft toys are a perfect baby shower gift for newborns and toddlers. Best&Less offer killer bargains on baby soft toys and baby gifts you can't resist.

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