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The foot is an intricate structure of 26 bones and 35 joints. It is held together and supported by the ligaments. A baby’s foot is well padded with fat and is highly flexible.

Many babies begin to walk anywhere between 8 and 18 months. But most are flat-footed when they first start taking their baby steps. Babies also tend to turn their feet inwards. Muscle strength and ligament stiffness need to develop. But as the bones grow, the flat-footedness continuously improves. The feet are strengthened as the baby develops.

Consult with your podiatrist or doctor if you have concerns about your child’s feet or gait.

You can browse cute baby walker shoes at Best&Less physical shops. We have an extensive collection of baby shoes with premium materials that guarantee an optimal fit.

Why do babies need shoes when learning to walk?


A child learning to walk receives critical sensory information from their soles touching the ground. Footwear helps shield their feet from injury and changing temperatures.

When toddlers are learning to walk, it is recommended they should be barefoot or wear soft-soled shoes. It is essential to feel what they touch with their feet as they develop muscle strength. When toddlers walk on their own for a period, they can start wearing firm-soled shoes. It is recommended to have your baby’s shoes fitted by a professional.

Best&Less has friendly shop personnel who can guide you through the store’s extensive collection of baby shoes. Even better, they can help size your baby’s feet.

They will measure each foot for length and width. The feet of babies grow swiftly, and their shoe size may require updating every few months. Ill-fitting baby walker shoes can interfere with your baby’s walking and cause problems.

The following are recommendations for baby shoes:

- A comfy fit, length, and width - Sufficient room for the toes - Flexible flat soles that bend near the toe - The front of the shoe must be wider than the heel and conform to the foot's natural shape. - The shoe must have a solid heel counter. It is the part that goes around the back of the heel. - It must come with laces or straps to mitigate extreme movement or slippage of the foot inside the shoe.

Keep in mind that expensive shoes are not always recommended since babies will outgrow their footwear in no time.


The sole of a regular foot has an arch formed by the bones and ligaments. For the first couple of years, your baby’s feet will be flatter compared to adults.

It is usual for young children and infants to have flat feet. Babies' feet are flexible and should never be stiff.

As your baby develops their walking skills, their ligaments and muscles will become firmer. By six years of age, your child should develop normal arches in both feet. The fat pads in the arch won’t be so apparent.


Consult with your doctor or podiatrist if you have concerns about your baby’s feet. Problem symptoms include the following:

- Toes that are shaped abnormally - Ingrown toenails that are persistent and painful - Bunions and other deformities - Foot stiffness - Limping - The baby cries while walking - You may notice that they favour one leg over another when walking - Extreme in-toeing or out-toeing - Flat feet that result in pain or limited function - An odd change in the way your baby walks - Your baby isn’t walking by two years of age

When should my baby wear shoes?

Your baby must wear shoes if the surface they are walking on is chilly. Choose baby walker shoes that are flexible and thin-soled. It must not be restrictive. Ideally, you can put on socks, booties, or soft-soled baby shoes. But if it is warm, walking barefoot indoors or outdoors on safe surfaces can be enjoyable for your baby. The tender tootsies of your baby are likely to enjoy the sensation of innumerable surfaces from fine sand to cool plastic.

Where can I get the best walking shoes for my baby?

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