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Baby Wraps

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Baby Bamboo Viscose Cotton Muslin Wrap 2 Pack
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Baby Bamboo Viscose Cotton Muslin Wrap 2 Pack
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When baby wraps first became popular they were a welcomed relief for busy mothers. Traditionally baby wraps have been used as baby carriers to carry your baby and still do what you need to do.

But over time baby wrap designs have become more complicated – even confusing at times. In this blog post we shall look into how best to pick the right baby carrier for you or a loved one to keep everyone calm and cosy throughout their day.

What are baby wraps?

Baby wraps have been a part of most baby essentials since time immemorial and are still used today. A baby wrap is like an extra-large cloth that you can use to carry your baby around with you as safely as possible – from infancy through toddlerhood.

Baby carriers in general are great for new parents because they let the child cling onto mum or dad while freeing up their hands to do other things at once such as cooking dinner or picking up toys. But if this sounds too complicated already don't worry; we've got lots of tips on how to choose the right carrier below.

Are baby wraps safe?

One of the many benefits of baby wraps is that they're one of the safest ways to carry your baby around with. They distribute the baby's weight evenly helping them feel snug and secure while parents can still use both hands for other things.

Interestingly enough some new parents just find baby carriers like these too complicated or confusing in general. Luckily though there are plenty of ways to make choosing simpler.

How to use a baby wrap?

Most baby wraps are made for simplicity so you'll find instructions in the baby wrap package or on their website. However most work in a similar fashion. Here are the steps:

1. Place the baby in the middle of your back

2. Hold the baby's legs with their back and head against your chest

3. Wrap the baby around you to complete a secure fit that's held together by two large safety pins at the shoulder or waistband

4. Tuck the baby's legs in the wrap and slide the baby down to your hips.

5. Adjust the baby so they are tight against you with their bottom resting on your stomach

6. Raise the baby a little ensuring enough slack to support their head before pulling it through one armhole or hemmed side slit at the front

7. Tuck the baby's head in your arm and secure the baby with the safety pins

8. Finally tie the baby wrap around the baby and fasten it off

TIP: If you have a baby that is not yet able to hold its head up then it may be best to use baby wraps in tandem with an infant carrier or car seat. In this case place the baby in the carrier first and then finish wrapping the baby wrap around them for additional support.

What type of baby wrap is best?

Different baby wraps and baby carrier types offer distinct advantages that work best for specific situations. One of the most popular baby wraps is made from cotton which has some great benefits: it's soft and breathable.

And being 100% natural it also won't cause any allergic reactions or irritation to the baby's skin. Cotton baby wraps are ideal for newborns and their sensitive skin.

As far as baby gift ideas go this wrap is also great because it can be used across various stages of a baby's development or given to baby shower guests who are new parents. Another type of baby wrap that may work best for you is the stretchy polyester/cotton blend baby wrap.

When can I use a baby wrap?

A baby wrap can be used while the baby is swaddled in it as a way to comfort them. They are also great for the following:

- To carry a baby on your back

- Keeping the baby close during naps

- To use in the beginning stages of breastfeeding

- To help you keep the baby's clothing from getting wet or dirty

- Staying close all day long without having your hands tied up with carrying the baby around

- A gift for baby shower guests

How to care for baby wraps?

- Ensure baby wraps are not washed with a harsh detergent as it can damage the fabric

- Air dry them if possible. This will help retain their shape during drying

- If you hand wash the baby wrap place it in a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase before putting it into the washer to help prevent excessive wear and tear from agitation

-Avoid baby wraps with metal snaps which can be harmful to the baby

- If the baby wrap is made of wool or silk you may want to dry-clean it professionally instead

- When storing baby wraps for storage purposes ensure they are not in direct contact with other materials that could cause discolouration or tears

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