How To: Everything you need for baby's arrival
How To

Are you ready for the baby’s arrival?

7 February 2018

Having everything you need packed and ready to go for that all important day is a must to ensure you are feeling as relaxed as possible. We’ve got everything you need to ensure you are ready for a smooth arrival home with your new bundle of joy.

Essentials for bub

Make sure you’ve got multiples of everything packed and ready to go for bub to make your life easier, no baby outfit is complete without a soft cotton singlet or some fashion forward socks. Don’t forget towels to clean up little spills.

Baby 3 pack singlets
Baby singlets, socks and face washers

Maternity Bras & Camis

Our range of maternity bras and camis and seam free bras will help make those first few weeks easier on mum, make sure you’ve got a few spares packed in the baby bag.

Everyday basics and fun fashion prints

Your baby will live night and day in our soft cotton rich bodysuits, pack a few of our basics as well as some cute fashion styles so you can show off your newborn.

Baby 3 pack bodysuits
Baby print romper

All those essential extras

We’ve got everything you need for bub including all the extra accessories you’ll need for feeding, bathtime and sleep time. Grab a few of each so you can have one ready while the others are in the wash.

Baby towels, bibs & plush toys
Baby hats, mittens, blanlets & bath mits