3 Ways to Celebrate Easter

1st March 2021

Easter always seems to come up so quickly - as soon as Santa’s reign over the shops ends, hot cross buns start appearing on shelves! With that time of year quickly approaching again, we wanted to share some of our family sleepwear styles, and 3 ways that we love celebrating Easter here at Best&Less. Hopefully, you and your family will be celebrating too - check out all of the Bunny Day goodness below:

A Classic Easter Egg Hunt

This tradition never gets old! Having the kids wake up, and search high and low for delicious treats is a present within itself. Seeing the little ones light up with excitement when they realise the Easter Bunny has left them all a special treat is reason enough to host this classic activity, but there’s so many ways to shake things up. Using some baby powder, and a stencil, create large ‘bunny footprints’ on the floor, and place small chocolate treats along the trail - your little ones will think the Easter Bunny simply has too many chocolates to keep in his basket - and it will make for a precious photo moment.

Easter Crafts

The long weekend that comes alongside Easter leaves families with more time to spend together, and the kids are excited to play and celebrate. There’s hundreds of Easter specific arts and crafts ideas to try, like egg dyeing, colouring in pages, or even settling in to do some baking can end up being quite creative with the kids helping!

Wear Your Sunday Best (Or Sunday Comfies)

No matter where your family spends the morning of Easter Sunday, having a special outfit for the occasion certainly makes everything more exciting. If you’re heading out, our range of better dressing styles for the little ones will have them excited to hop out of bed, or if your family is staying at home, we have a huge range of matching Easter sleepwear styles for the whole family. Pop on the matching styles before bed, and wake up as a family to hunt for chocolates in cute sleepwear styles. Don’t forget to snap a family photo and tag @bestandless on Instagram.

Regardless of what your Easter traditions are, taking some time to spend with family is always a reason to celebrate. Shop our Easter better dressing and sleepwear styles online and in store now!