5 Reasons Why We Adore Denim This Season

6th March 2020

When it comes to trends that emit timeless style denim triumphs every time. Born in the United States in 1873 as a utilitarian pair of pants, denim has transcended the decades and had a stronghold on fashion ever since. Made from a cotton twill textile inspired by the French weave known as ‘Serge de Nîmes,’ denim has proved itself durable not only in terms of functionality but also fashion.

With each decade carving out its own take on the tried and true design we’ve inherited a wealth of styles in which we can enjoy this iconic fabric. From the retro and relaxed looks of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s to the double denim days that dominated the ‘90s, denim makes the ultimate versatile style.

Here are just 5 reasons why we’re all about denim this season.

It’s Classic

While denim has undergone many makeovers, it still retains its classic charm. Whether it’s the relaxed fits reminiscent of original Levi’s Jeans or the iconic indigo dye used for colouring the fabric, certain elements of denim jeans will never lose their edge. And don’t even get us started on those cute copper rivets and the functional five-pocket design…

Yet Contemporary

Shirts, jeans, skirts and more, you name it and denim can make it. From button-front midi skirts that can be mixed and matched throughout the seasons to long-sleeve shirts that will take you from work to the weekend, new designs have transformed denim into contemporary pieces.

It’s Comfortable

Cotton, cotton, cotton. What would we ever do without it? Made by weaving cotton fibres together into a durable twill design, denim jeans don’t sound like the most comfortable piece of clothing. Host to a durable yet lightweight fit that moulds to the unique shape of your body over time, there’s nothing quite like lounging around in an old pair of jeans.

And Versatile

No matter the outfit or the occasion, denim can always make an appearance. Whether it’s a relaxed look comprised of a long-sleeve shirt and slim-fit jeans or a pinafore dyed in pink for classic style with a contemporary touch, denim can dressed up or down with ease. Rely on sandals and sneakers for understated style, reserving boots and stilettos for when you want to elevate an outfit into an evening ensemble.

But Most Of All, It’s Effortlessly Cool

While it’s true that trends come and go it’s clear that denim is here to stay. And it’s all because it emits an aura of effortless dressing. Structured jackets and wide-leg jeans make for statement angular looks while the classic tee and mom jeans combo makes for minimalist chic style.