BONDS At Best&Less

19th February 2021

Here at Best&Less, we know that every family is looking for the best quality products, at everyday low prices. That’s why we stock a range of BONDS products for the whole family. Whether bub is in need of a new romper with an exclusive print, or the whole family needs some new undies, BONDS has got you covered. BONDS’ new Better Basics range is designed to help you do good, look good and feel good. The new range is more from more sustainable materials, meaning that you can rest easy knowing your everyday items aren’t hurting the environment. BONDS has achieved this by using some awesome materials that we here at Best&Less love.

Home Grown Aussie Cotton

Cotton is the lightweight, breathable stuff that we love to have on our bodies. BONDS’ Better Basics range includes pieces that are made with Australian cotton, meaning you’ll be supporting 1500 local cotton farms, which supports over 100 Australian farming communities.

GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton

GOTS stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard, they’re in charge of certifying that companies' processes for cotton meets the standard for organic fibres. Organic fibres create less of an impact on the environment to create, and often are better for your skin too!

Recycled Polyester

Recycled fabrics mean that less textile waste ends up in landfill. Using recycled fabric as a resource means that nothing goes to waste, and your clothes will still feel brand new.

We love having BONDS at Best&Less, and we know your family will love having BONDS on their bums! Check out the full Better Basics range, as well as special items like the Pride range online and in store at Best&Less today.