Keeping Cosy: Kids Puffer Jackets

24th March 2021

Chilly weather is definitely upon us, and making sure the little ones are equipped with warm clothes and layering pieces is essential. While staying cosy is the number 1 priority, kids still want fun fashion items that allow them to express themselves and look good. Our brand new puffer range is the perfect blend of fashion and function, providing comfort and warmth, while still looking awesome. Check out the 2 different styles below, and be sure to let us know your favourite colourway using the #BestandLess hashtag on Instagram.

Retro Style

The 70’s trend is showing no signs of slowing down in the fashion world, so heading into Winter, our puffer vests and jackets are adorned with retro style colour blocking. The unique colourways add a touch of brightness to any outfit, and with different styles for boys and girls, your little ones are sure to find the style that suits them perfectly. Puffer styles have had a recent renaissance in the trend cycle, last year we saw neutrals and bold fabrics in the spotlight, but in line with the new decade of inspiration - the 70’s - these pieces are excellent for bringing the trend into 2021. If you want to read more about retro fashion for kids, head to our Styling The Cooler Months for Kids blog here.

Lightweight with Layered Warmth

Both our puffer vests and puffer jackets are made with ultra lightweight materials. This means that even while it provides ultra cosy warmth, it won’t feel heavy on your body. The pieces are made with polyester, and are fully lined, creating an insulating effect, which is how they’re keeping your little ones from getting cold. Puffer styles are an incredible layering piece for any wardrobe. One of our favourite ways to style the puffer vests is with one of our long sleeve organic t-shirts. These come in plenty of colours across a range of styles for bubs, kids and adults. For the jackets, styling it with a crew neck jumper and pairing with some cosy fleece tracksuit is an easy way to create a Winter outfit that's not only fashionable, but functional too.

The puffer range is available across baby, kids and adults styles in a wide variety of colours and silhouettes. Check out the styles online and in store, and be sure to show us your looks using the #Best&Less hashtag on Instagram!