New Official AFL Merchandise

Kick Off AFL Season In Style: New Official AFL Merchandise

13th March 2020

Australia’s favourite sport is back. And we for one can’t contain our excitement.

From those cold nights in the stands cheering on with the crowds to footy nights at home with your friends and family, AFL season brings people together. Men, women, kids and even the little ones, AFL season is something everyone in the family can get around. And no matter your outfits or the unique occasion, it’s never inappropriate to sport supporter styles.

Whether it’s an authentic Guernsey you want to coordinate with your mates or a hat and scarf to wear to cold evening games, nothing shows team spirit quite like our official AFL gear.

For the ultimate supporter style make the most of our authentic Guernseys. Fashioned in the signature colours of each team from the black and gold tones of the Richmond Tigers to the bold red and black of the Essendon Bombers, supporting your favourite team has never been so easy.

Rely on hoodies and jackets with fleece lining for layers to keep you warm during cold nights in the crowds and complete the look with matching accessories such as knitted scarves and beanies. And for that special West Coast Eagles fan in your life, why not spoil them with flannelette pyjamas or a plush dressing gown?

Whether it’s the live experience you’re after or a quiet night at home, get ready for game day with our supporter gear now.

Want to know more about the sport?

It all started in 1857 when Tom Wills, one of Australian Football’s founding fathers, returned home after being educated in England. It was there he became captain of Rugby School and an avid cricketeer and at first, he advocated the sport be a winter game to keep cricketers fit during off-season.

The game was conceived by Wills himself, his cousin H.C.A. Harrison, J.B. Thompson and W.J. Hammersley and had its first recorded match take place in 1858. The game gained swift momentum and by 1966 possessed updated rules and its own competition.

As the competition expanded to encompass 18 teams from all over the nation, it created the Australian Football League we know and love today.