One Size Fits All Collection

9th July 2021

Finding the perfect fit for clothes, undies and bras as a woman is down right hard. For a large portion of women, simply shopping by their size isn’t enough to find a fit that works for her, and throwing in the ebbs and flows of the body, between bloating, food babies and real babies, choosing styles that are sure to fit, be comfortable and make her feel confident is unfortunately a pretty tall order these days!

Best&Less’ one size fits all range is the solution to finding your perfect fit of undergarments. Before your mind wanders to past purchases that may have claimed to be one size, but really just didn’t feel right for you, let us show you why our range is different. Our one size fits all underwear range with the use of a unique 4 way stretch fabric will comfortably suit any size up to an Australian 26, and our singlet and bodysuit styles fit from an XS to an XXL, the tiny styles will stretch to fit all bodies!

You might be asking yourself how this is possible, but with some unique fabric notes, this range is inclusive, and confidence boosting. Here’s how we assure that.

4 Way Stretch

To fit a variety of sizes, it should come as no surprise that the stretch in these garments is impressive. The unique 4 way stretch (we like to call it super stretch!) means that the styles can easily glide on and off, all while keeping you comfortable. Our underwear styles consist of nylon and elastane fabrics, with a cotton gusset for breathability. What this means is that the styles are smooth to the touch, but can easily mold to suit your body, regardless of your size. Our tank tops, cami’s and bodysuits in the range are made with the same nylon & elastane 4 way stretch fabric, meaning you can find comfort from top to bottom.

Bounce Back

The unique fabric blend for the one size fits all range is ultra durable. After a full day of wear, with your underwear and tank top molding to fit your body perfectly, the garment will shape back to its original form after a simple wash! No matter what’s going on with your day, super filling lunch, monthly bloating, or whatever life throws at you, you can count on your comfy one size fits all styles to have your back (and bum!) and keep you feeling your best.

Dance Party Ready

What’s a pair of undies good for if not to dance the night away in? Movement can’t be avoided, and there’s nothing worse than having your undies dig in, or ride up as you go about your day. With the help of the soft and stretchy fabric, our one size fits all range promises not to budge. The smooth silhouette of the styles mean they’ll sit firm on the body, and stay invisible under your clothing, all while staying put throughout the day.

Live your best life in the Best&Less One Size Fits All range. The stretchy, no fuss styles are made for all shapes and sizes, and take the guesswork out of underwear shopping. Choose all day comfort and confidence with the one size fits all range and hop the collection online at Best&Less today.