What A Real Mum Thinks About Best&Less Schoolwear

11th February 2021

Each year, Best&Less gets so excited to help families across Australia get ready for the school year. Our schoolwear range is designed to ensure that every kid has access to comfortable, durable styles in their school colours, so that they can wear their uniform proudly all year long. To show you what our schoolwear range is really capable of, we had an Aussie mum road test the styles with her kids across a 100 day period.

Taneisha Millare and her kids started off with a strong first impression of the range, noting that the items are “well made” and “designed to withstand everyday wear”. The little ones certainly looked smart, and ready for their first day back at school. Over a 14 week period, the Millare family wore a combination of our cargo drill shorts, mesh skorts and shorts, teflon coated cotton polos and a range of our school hats.

Putting the items to the test, Taneshia commented that the Teflon coated polos were perfectly breathable, even during “the hottest of days”. We know Aussie Summers at school can be scorching, so our polo shirts are made with lightweight cotton to keep your kids cool, and the teflon coating means that any slips or spills are easily managed - "I loved that a simple baby wipe sufficed to clean the white cotton polo after they made such a mess with the ice-cream” said the busy mum.

By week 5, the kids had settled into school, and their new uniform styles - so the day to day school life continued to push our schoolwear to the limits. "Despite the pulling & tugging of the shirts, rolling around in the dirt, tackling and eating afterschool snacks, these shirts and shorts wash and wear so well. They retain their shape and stains wash out easily”. Further into the 100 day test at the 13 week mark, Taneshia let us know that she was still incredibly impressed with the uniforms, gushing "once again, I am so impressed with the durability of these uniforms. After being tackled on the grass, rolling in the sand, a little dust off on our way to the car and the uniforms looked as good as new”.

Our schoolwear accessories, like our range of hats, have all been designed to protect your little ones from the sun. The Millare family tested our legionnaires hat, and our bucket hat, and had a glowing review of both styles. “Full sun protection when they are out playing on the playgrounds. The fit is great! Even during play they did not come off the children's heads; perfect!". Furthermore, Taneisha was impressed with the easy to care for styles, stating that "The royal blue uniforms, after being washed week after week have not faded and the colour has remained rich and royal blue”.

Taneisha and the Millare family were more than happy with the Best&Less schoolwear range over a 100 day period - so we know you will be too! That’s why Best&Less have a 100 day quality guarantee. If you’re not happy with any of the items, just bring them back within 100 days for a full refund. For more information on our quality guarantee, head to our returns page, and don’t forget to shop all of the schoolwear essentials for your kids online and in store now.