Sleep Tight: 3 Ways to Sleep Better in Winter

April 9th 2021

The cool weather can definitely take a toll on us all. Getting up when it’s freezing, and desperately trying to strike the right balance between warm and hot with our outfits can be exhausting! At Best&Less, we know sleep is one of the most important parts of life. A time for rest so we wake up feeling recharged for the next day. Our new women’s sleepwear range is sure to make getting to sleep a breeze, and that little extra bit cosier. Aside from our new PJs range, here’s 3 ways to get better sleep this Winter.

Keep Up Your Workout Routine

It can be ultra tempting to sleep in, and spend that extra half an hour snuggled up in bed, but keeping your workout routine up in Winter is the easiest way to make sure you’re getting the best sleep possible. It’s the same all year round, the more you move your body, the more tired it will be at the end of the day, leaving you ready to jump into bed as soon as dinner’s over. Winter is the prime time for a gym membership, rather than braving the chilly morning weather, that can sometimes get below zero, working out in a temperature controlled space can be just the remedy to the temptation of staying in bed. If you're adamant about working out outside though, we have some ultra cosy Winter workout gear too. Once the day is done, slip into one of our long sleeve nighties and snuggle up on the couch, and before you know it, you’ll be dozing off!

Get Some Sun

It can be difficult to get out into the sunshine in Winter. Most of us get up before the sun has fully risen, and leave the office well after the sun has started going down. It can almost seem like the sun never quite comes up! Exposure to the sun creates a lot of good hormones in our bodies, making it easier to fall asleep, and to maintain a healthy sleep schedule in general. If you feel like it’s dark before and after work, try spending your lunch break outside in the sunshine, and on weekends take time to try and spend some time outdoors when you can. This exposure to sunlight helps our body clock, so when it's dark in the evenings, your body will know it's time to rest, and your sleep will be better for it!

Don’t Overheat Your Space

Heat is the enemy to sleep! That’s why Aussie Summer’s often breed many sleepless nights, and the majority of us are keen to keep a fan close to our bedside. Just because it’s cooler outside in Winter, doesn’t mean we should put the heater next to the bed when the chilly weather rolls in. Overheating yourself can make it extremely difficult to get to sleep - so here’s our suggested routine: turn your electric blanket or room heater on an hour before you think you’ll be heading to sleep, then 20 minutes beforehand, turn the heating devices off! The room will be cosy, and the heating will have taken the chill out of the room, but you won’t be stuck sweltering half way through the night. Choose a flannelette pyjama set or long sleeve nightie from our sleepwear range to keep it cosy, and sleep tight.

What’s your favourite way to keep cosy on cool Winter nights? Shop the new women’s pyjamas range in time for Mother’s Day, and before the morning starts dropping below zero! Styles can all be found online and in store now.