Tradie: The Vegemite Collection

2nd December 2020

Vegemite - you either love it or hate it. Tradie are certainly in the love camp, and have created a brand new collection to show off their Aussie pride, and just how much they love the world famous sandwich spread. There’s fun branded styles for the entire family, whether you’ve been putting a bit of vegemite on your toast for decades, or you’ve got a new little Aussie that’s yet to experience the unique taste. Check out some of the fun and bold new styles below.

Happy Little Vegemites

The Tradie Baby Zipster is the perfect cosy outfit for your little one. Featuring the classic ‘Happy Little Vegemite’ saying with the renowned logo straight from the jar itself. Bubs will be happy to crawl around, play and nap in this gorgeous style. The bubs Tradie Vegemite range has a bunch of colours and prints, all an excellent choice for showing off their Aussie pride.

The Classic Jar

We’d recognise that little jar of goodness just about anywhere! The Vegemite jar print extends across the Tradie Vegemite range, and it's not just for the little ones. The whole family can enjoy displaying their favourite toast spread on their underwear, bra and singlet tops. The entire range is available in the well known Tradie brand silhouette’s.

The Vegemite collection is the perfect gift for any Aussie, and with January right around the corner, stocking up on this ultra fun style is sure to have your Australia Day look sorted. Shop the collection online or in store now.