REPREVE Active Wear for Women

REPREVE: The Fabric Shaking Up Sustainability in Fashion

10th January 2020

Plastics place substantial pressure on our environments. That’s why REPREVE® fabric is shaking up how companies approach fashion sustainability one fibre at a time.

A performance fibre made from recycled plastic bottles; each article of clothing crafted from their fabric makes a positive contribution to the war on plastic. As Best&Less is dedicated to sustainable development across both ethical and environmental arenas, our latest additions in Women’s Elite Active Wear are crafted from none other than REPREVE® fabric.

Whether it’s a pair of tights that will take you from lounging at home to running around or a crop-top for added support in pilates and yoga, our latest additions mark the start of something new in fashion sustainability.

Priding themselves on producing quality performance fabrics, the process whereby they turn recycled plastic into apparel embeds certain properties into each article of clothing. From temperature regulating properties that help you adapt from warm to cool to wicking and water-repellent features that ensure you stay dry while working up a sweat, this fabric is not only good for the planet but good for you.

The sustainability of REPREVE® fabric isn’t just limited to recycling plastics. From generating enough energy to power 133k homes for a year to improving air quality by avoiding millions of kilograms of CO2 emissions, their aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their processing while conserving energy and water.

Available online and in-store now, buy Elite Active Wear for women made from sustainable REPREVE® fabrics and do yourselves and the planet a favour.