Ready For School: 2021 Essentials

1st January 2021

This year, we’re welcoming the New Year with a bang. Equipping your family with all the essentials is what Best&Less loves to do, so we’ve got all of your favourite and necessary items on hand and ready for the big year ahead. Our schoolwear is designed to make sure the little ones are excited to head to school each and every day, whether they’re in their everyday uniform pieces, or preparing for a day of extra curriculars like sport, arts and crafts or even swimming. With our 2 for $10 deal across all schoolwear, Best&Less is your one stop shop for all of the 2021 school essentials.

Everyday Pieces

Taking pride in their uniform will be easy with the Best&Less schoolwear range. Home to a variety of colours suitable for all uniforms, they’ll feel right at home across our range of polo shirts, skorts, shorts, skirts and more. Made with fabrics designed to last, and endure the day to day life of school, while keeping them comfortable and cool for Summer. As always, our range of school accessories like bucket hats and legionnaire’s caps are available, the perfect way to keep your little one sun safe, and to ensure they don’t miss out on lunch time play.

Ready For Everything

Whether it's sports day, a school assembly, or they have a big presentation coming up, Best&Less has the right schoolwear for every occasion. You’ll find pieces that can easily tackle the transition from the soccer field to math class, and from excursions to the after school snack run. With comfy t-shirts and polos, shorts with the right fabric no matter what they prefer, and skorts designed to keep them comfortable and classy, they truly will be ready for anything that the school year throws at them. The range extends from sizes 4-16, with some pieces starting at a size 3 for the extra little ones.

Passion For Play

With school comes all of the fun extracurriculars, new activities, and sports that require special equipment. Best&Less’ schoolwear range even extends across the not so obvious pieces that every parent finds themselves needing at some point in the school year. With arts and crafts poncho’s to protect their uniforms, school swimwear pieces for the swimming carnival and beyond, and sports items like netball skirts and jazz pants, there’s something for every passion.

This year, Best&Less is making sure you and your family are ready for everything. Whether it's school, work, sports, or holidays, we’ll have the perfect pieces for you. To make things that little bit easier, our entire range of schoolwear is available online as well as in store, so you can shop anywhere, anytime in preparation for the first day.