28 February 2019

Best&Less recently reached a goal of raising $300k for Drought Angels. Drought Angels is an organisation that provides unique and tailored assistance to farming families in need. All funds raised go directly to the families and and their communities in the form of prepaid visas and other types of assistance. Here are some specific stories on how we have been able to help out so far.

One young family, through the assistance of the organisation, has been able to purchase a new water tank for their property. Prior to the organisations intervention, this family had no access to clean drinking water at all. Drought Angels will ensure the efficient installation of the tank and see to it that it’s filled with fresh drinking water as the family do not have the means available to enable this themselves.

Another family, who were the beneficiary of pre-paid Visa cards, states they were “blown away by the generosity of the organisation and the people who contribute to it.” With the help of the organisation, they were able to assist with their Diesel bill and allocate the rest to groceries and other expenses surrounding Christmas. Through the assistance of Drought Angels, their holiday season was a source of happiness rather than a dire reminder of the drought.

A lady whose family also received assistance in the form of pre-paid Visas wished “love to the Angels and all of their supporters.” This lady’s family was able to use the organisation’s assistance to pay off their January water instalment, saving the remainder for groceries and other expenses over the following month. “As per your mission,” she elaborates, “you all have big hearts and make a difference to farms, you’ve made a difference to our lives.” These are the very outcomes Best&Less aims to achieve by supporting Drought Angels in their mission to “make a difference with every farming family” they assist.