Trend Alert: Ankler Grazer Denim

7th September 2020

There’s nothing quite like a brand new pair of jeans to spruce up your wardrobe, but with classic cuts it can be a little hard to style them in a modern and fun way. The Best&Less denim range is sure to have your perfect fit in a trendy and elevated style.

Introducing our women’s denim ankle grazer jeans. If you’re asking yourself what are ankle grazers, we’re here to help. Ankle grazers refers to the length of the jeans, which are slightly cropped, falling perfectly just above your ankle. This cut is perfect for heading into the warmer weather that comes alongside Spring and Summer. We’ve got a few more reasons that you’ll love the denim ankle grazers.

Show Off Your Shoes

Regular cut jeans make it pretty hard to style your favourite shoes, cuffing and rolling isn’t always the fashion statement you want to make, but with an ankle grazer length jean, showing off your favourite shoes is a breeze. Casual looks are easy with a statement pair of espadrilles or even a slim profile sneaker, style that with a graphic tee and you have the perfect low effort chic look. To nail that elevated ‘jeans and a nice top’ outfit, pair our ankle grazers with strappy heels and our soft touch denim jacket.

Jeans Are Staples

Having a few good pairs of jeans in your wardrobe is absolutely essential. Denim is traditionally known for being durable, long lasting, and extremely versatile, but there's always a pair that you’ve kept well past their due date. Adding a new silhouette that's in line with current trends and ditching the ones in the back of your wardrobe is the best way to kickstart a new love for your style. With our ankle grazers coming in 4 colours, both classic and innovative, there’s a fun new look available for everyone.

Always In Style

Denim is always trendy. Whether it's jeans, jackets, shorts or overalls, denim always seems to be in style. Better yet, the trends of denim seem to repeat themselves. Ankle grazers have had their time before, with cigarette pants and classic 7/8ths crop length jeans being seen on style icons like Audrey Hepburn, and in more modern settings on denim-guru Kate Moss. The classic look is flattering for all body shapes, and our denim range extends from size 8 to size 26, so everybody can find their perfect fit. Ankle grazers are sure to stand the test of time in your wardrobe. Check out how Dani, aka @luxeandlemonade on Instagram, styles her ankle grazer denim in the video below.

Year Round Comfort

Jeans don’t have to be rigid and uncomfortable. Feeling like you wanna throw them in the bin after a day of wear shouldn't be your daily denim routine. The Best&Less denim ankle grazers are made with premium stretch denim, designed for comfort. Our jeans will move and stretch with you, making sure they’ll stand the test of time in your wardrobe. Our soft touch denim is also available in a range of colours, styles and extends from sizes 8 to 26, meaning that comfort is easy to find regardless of size or style.

Denim is a classic staple, so whether you’re dressing them up with heels, or showing off your favourite pair of casual sneakers, the Best&Less denim ankle grazer jeans will fit right into your wardrobe.