Cosy Sleepwear for the Family

1st January 2021

The chilly weather is definitely here. The sun goes down earlier, soup is definitely on the menu and there’s nothing more satisfying than getting into a cosy pair of pyjamas at the end of the day. The Best&Less sleepwear range is home to all things snooze with warm flannelette pyjama sets for Mum, Dad, bubs and kids. Host the ultimate slumber party, or just entice your little ones to jump into bed on time with fun prints like the new space theme, animal prints, or even a cosy character dressing gown. Check out some of the new styles below, plus some of the reasons we think flannelette is the best fabric for Winter sleepwear.

It’s Breathable

While it certainly can get pretty chilly in Australia, there’s not many things worse than overheating - no matter what season it is. Flannelette allows air to flow through, while still keeping the heat close to your body, meaning it's the ultimate blend of cosy and cool. The science says that you sleep better when your body is actually quite cool, and overheating while rugged up in bed is a one stop shop to a bad night's sleep. The breathability of flannelette allows for the best of both worlds, and can be layered with a shirt or singlet underneath if the night is particularly cold.

Easy to Care For

Flannelette is super durable. It’s a thicker fabric, which is part of what makes it so warm and cosy for the Winter, but it also does well under pressure. It can withstand high and low temperatures in the wash cycle, and actually starts to feel more comfortable with each wash! With the fabric being so thick, and only worn for bedtime, they won’t actually need to be thrown in the wash too often, but having the ease of care for these cosy PJs is certainly a plus for busy parents.

What’s your family's favourite way to keep cosy in Winter? Check out the full range of family pyjamas online and in store at Best&Less today.