Save The Seas: Recycled Swimwear

18th September 2020

Summer is creeping up on us quickly, and as Aussie’s, we all love a good swim. Whether it's at the river, pool or the beach, new swimwear is the easiest way to prepare for the swimming season. We love the water, and here at Best&Less, we want to do our bit to help keep our beaches as beautiful as ever. Our new kids swimwear range is a great way to ensure that everyone’s doing their bit to keep our seas safe from detrimental environmental impacts, like plastics, all while keeping the little ones sun safe and looking cute. Here’s three things we love about the new save our seas collection:

Spreading Awareness:

Our new kids swimwear range is designed to help save our seas - and spreading awareness is the first step to doing just that! The entire range features a ‘save our seas’ slogan - so that whenever the little ones are swimming, no matter where that may be, everyone around them will be reminded to take care before purchasing items, or doing things that could cause harm to our oceans, and the marine life that lives in them. The gorgeous ocean animal allover print is a fun pattern that the little ones will love, and with a range of sun safe designs, such as long sleeve rash shirts and paddle suits, everyone will love the new save our seas range.

Reducing Waste

The save our seas kids swimwear range is made with recycled plastic fibres. What this means, is that the single-use plastic that the world uses each and every day is being transformed into gorgeous swimwear, instead of ending up in our waterways, landfill, and oceans - where it can harm animals, and pollutes the environment. Plastics can stay on the Earth anywhere from 10 years, to 1000 years, some plastics outlive us! It’s important for us to find innovative ways to reduce our plastic consumption, and reuse and recycle the plastic we do, that's why Best&Less is proud to have the save our seas range.

Sun Safe Designs:

Protecting our oceans is extremely important, and so is protecting ourselves, and the little ones, from the harsh Aussie sun during Summer. We’ve all gotten a sunburnt after a long, fun day at the beach, but it's important to protect our skin, especially the delicate skin of kids. That's why the new save our seas range heavily features sun safe designs, long sleeve rash shirts with high necks, board shorts, long sleeve paddle suits and more. The range covers both boys swimwear from sizes 0-16 and girls swimwear from size 0-16.

Shop our brand new save our seas kids swimwear range online now, and help take care of our oceans!