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As your baby gets older they will start to experience the world around them more and more. Because of this it is essential to take them on outings to get their first experiences. One terrific idea is to take them to a sports event such as rugby. You can dress them up in an outfit featuring your favourite NRL team such as Cronulla Sharks babywear from Best&Less. Dress them in a comfy outfit so they can enjoy the excitement and stimulation of the sporting event.

How should you prepare to bring your baby to the rugby game?


Sunscreen is crucial in a rugby game played on a sunny day. You must also bring a hat to keep the sun out of your toddler's eyes. It would help if you also had a blanket ready in case your toddler snoozes mid-match. Blankets are helpful if you want to keep watching the game. Another use for a blanket is to provide your baby warmth during games that take place in colder weather. Although many stadiums do not permit food or drinks coming from outside many make exceptions for foods for babies and toddlers. Preparing snacks for your toddler is a good idea especially if you have a picky eater in your hands.

Your baby will also look game ready if you dress them up in team-inspired clothing from Best&Less. Dress them in something comfy with a simple design that celebrates your favourite team.


A stadium full of screaming fans may be too much for your baby's tender ears. Because of this it is recommended to put earmuffs on your baby to cancel out the noise. Earmuffs are a simple accessory that can make a huge difference. Many stores sell earmuffs. Of course you may find your baby to be so delighted with the sporting event; they may start squealing in delight themselves.


Rugby like other sports events has memorabilia stands at every corner. Many teams also sell toddler size merchandise such as Cronulla Sharks babywear. You might also find pennants and team brand toys. If the stadium merchandises are too pricey you can find similar team merchandise on big online stores. No matter what you decide to purchase your baby will indeed look back fondly on the sporting event.


If you are worried a big sporting event is too much for a baby you can take them to smaller gatherings. Club teams don't have massive crowds. However these crowds are still noisy and sizable enough to serve as a testing ground to make the transition to the stadium a lot easier. Club teams even allow children to run around on the field after the match. It is something your baby will surely love. Since the crowds are tamer a parent doesn't have to be worried about their child potentially getting into accidents from rowdy crowds. Your baby will also be exposed to a more intimate environment making their first game outing less stressful.


It is crucial to know the start of the game. It is the most critical factor to consider when taking your baby to the stadium. Matches that start in the morning will likely not end by the afternoon. This schedule may not be the best for your baby. A morning match at 11 AM would probably be a better experience for them. Parents should factor in their toddler's sleep and activity schedule. Planning the trip around their most active hours where it complements their nap schedule is the best. It also allows you to keep your schedule flexible allowing you to do more tasks than a late game.


Hard-core rugby fans take their babies and children to their first game hoping their child will develop a love for the game as well. But it is not always an instant process. As mentioned your baby may get shocked by the huge crowd and loud noises. Therefore it is best to be patient with them and ease them into being more familiar with the game. As they get used to the matches the transition should pick up its pace. It is also best to choose seating where there is room to roam for your baby who may become restless. Providing your baby or toddler with the option to wander a bit will likely have them return to their seating and watch when they get tired.

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