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Girls 8-16 Dancewear

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Girls Australian Cotton Long Legging
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Ballet jazz contemporary or gymnastics - whatever your young girl's speciality is we have the perfect collection of girls' dancewear for you. Dance class is always an exciting time it is such a good way for her to be social to learn a new skill and have fun! But along with dance and gymnastic classes comes hefty prices. At Best&Less we wanted to provide you with girls' dancewear options that wouldn't cost you an arm and a leg.

Our range of girls' dancewear is full of amazing quality items that your little one is going to love. We know just how important it is for her dancewear to be gentle on the skin and non-restricting and have worked hard to deliver these products. She will be free to dance for her life in this stunning range!

Shop from Best&Less for cute girls dancewear made from the best materials and provide comfort and safety for your little one.

What is appropriate dancewear?

It can be difficult to know exactly what your little one should be wearing to her dance class but generally teachers tend to stick to the classics we will discuss below. When it comes to girls' dancewear there are several things that need to be considered.

The style: when it comes to dancewear the classic styles are: leotards wrap tops skirts leggings and tights. Keeping the style classic is going to help your young one in her class. Her teacher is most oftenly going to encourage her to wear one of the above styles. Keeping the style basic is always best. They are classics for a reason!

The size: it is so important for girl's dancewear to be form-fitting. Not too tight and not too loose. A leotard for example that is too small will cause serious rash and cutting as she moves around. A style that is too big can cause imbalance and may make it harder for her to move around safely. The last thing we want is for her to trip over her outfit.

The colour: for little girls their dancewear will usually stick to the same colour palette - pink black white and grey. This is mainly because the teacher is going to want them all to look somewhat in unison. If their teacher doesn't explicitly say what colour they want them to wear then it all comes down to personal preference!

Why is it important to wear the right dancewear?

Much like other sports teachers want to encourage their dancers to work as a team and dance in unison. This includes all wearing the same dancewear. Cohesiveness can help young ones realise they are all working towards the same goals. As they get older wearing form-fitting dancewear is also a way for the teacher to see exactly how they are moving their body to improve technique.

The right dancewear is also going to eliminate distractions and allow them to move properly and freely. Instead of focusing on their clothing and how a skirt might be twirling they will be able to pivot their attention to how they are dancing. The incorrect dancewear will impact how they learn the choreography and perform the dance.

The correct girls' dancewear is also going to improve confidence. Having the gear is going to make them feel like they are a part of something. When everyone is matching or wearing similar dancewear it puts everyone on the same page. This is going to boost their confidence and feel like they can take on anything. When girls look like dancers they feel like dancers.

At Best&Less our gorgeous collection of girls' dancewear has everything she needs to let loose on that dance floor. Leotards & dance tops leggings skirts and so much more! Get shopping today before her first dance class.

Where can I buy girls' dancewear?

Best&Less has everything you need when it comes to girls clothing including a gorgeous range of girls dancewear. Use our store finder to locate a store near you or shop online for all the latest products and styles. When you shop online with us you can rest assured that your shopping bag contains quality products for an amazing price. In addition to this Best&Less offers you peace of mind with hassle-free returns and you have 100 days from the original date of purchase within which to return your items. This returns policy is for both our Quality Guarantee as well as change of mind.

Whether you're shopping for girls shoes girls sleepwear girls underwear or girls knitwear we have you covered right here at Best&Less. For great quality kids clothing that is affordable durable and stylish look no further! Happy shopping.