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A woman's first bra marks a milestone in her life. And with our wide collection of training bras that feel as comfortable as they look cute and chic your growing girl will feel supported as she matures into her body. Fitted out in wire-free designs with soft and stretchable fabrics our training bras were made with comfort in mind. We have so many colours and patterns to choose from she is sure to find her style right away. We have training bras for girls in sizes 6 to 16 and were designed to look flattering and stylish on all body types. We recognise just how important it is for young girls to feel confident in their own skin and how training bras are sure to help!

What is a training bra?

A training bra is designed specifically for beginners' or young girls who have never worn a bra before. And while they look like regular bras there are a few main differences. Typically they are designed without an underwire - this is to make the bra a little more comfortable for the wearer and train' them into wearing a regular bra. Another difference is they usually do not have cup sizes. This can sometimes make it a little difficult to choose the correct sizing (however our size guide is here to help you). At Best&Less some of our styles actually have cup sizes because we believe your girl deserves the perfect fit.

Our selection of training bras are made with your girl's comfort in mind. We want her to feel confident and free to explore her own womanhood with our range of bras. Our bras will be invisible under all her favourite t-shirts singlets and dresses so she can step out with her best foot forward! They are also the perfect everyday bra that she can wear comfortably to school. We can all remember this time everything felt a little awkward and your body changing felt foreign and strange. At Best&Less we want to take this away and make it an exciting time for her!

How do I measure my bra size?

Measuring your bra size isn't as tricky as we've been led to believe. At Best&Less we've created an easy to follow guide on how to ensure the perfect fit when buying a bra.

Essentially there are two measurements you need to buy a bra. Firstly she will need to measure her back under her bust. Have her stand with her arms either side and wrap a tape measure below her bust. Ensure the tape is just below the breasts straight across her back and is pulled as tight against the skin as possible. The resulting measurement is the underbust.

Next wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of the bust (generally just above the nipple). Pull the tape measure tight until it's gently pressed against the skin but not so tight that it feels restrictive. Ensure the tape measure sits straight across your back ideally parallel to the floor. The resulting measurement equals the overbust. Once you've ascertained the measurements simply consult the size guide to find her bra size.

Where to find bras for girls near me?

Best&Less has got everything you need when it comes to girl's bras and underwear. Use our store finder to locate a store near you or shop online for all the latest products and styles. Use the handy search filter to help sort through all available products and styles to find what you need. You might be looking for girls activewear some on trend jeans or just some more socks to stock up on. Whatever it is you're after we have your girl covered!