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Hair Clips

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A hair clip is never out of place. They go with every outfit and jazz up any hairstyle. Haven't you heard? The 90's are back and hair clips are a must have. We have the most gorgeous clips for you to choose from. From tortoiseshell to all black and brown we have the hair clip just for you.

How To Wear Your Hair Clips

For an elegant look you can pair with any occasion smooth out your hair tuck one side behind your ear and using your hair clip secure in place just above your ear. A very glamorous and put together look.

To unleash your inner early 2000's wild child take two hair clips smooth out your part and secure a hair clip on either side of your head about 4-6cms from your part. Very cute. Very 2000's.

And of course they're super handy to have around for flyaways and short layers that just don't reach the pony tail or for keeping your little ones hair out of their face.

Who Can Wear A Hair Clip

Anyone with hair. Hair clips don't discriminate against age or gender. Hair clips are the fashion must-have they aren't just for little girls anymore (even though your little girl will love them). Shop Best&Less for affordable and adorable hair clips.

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