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Hooded baby towels are an excellent addition to your child's wardrobe as they will help keep them warm after they get out of the bath. Babies generally lose heat faster than adults and older children and they'll need some help to retain their body temperature. Although when you cuddle or nurse your baby straight after they've had a bath you probably knew this already. Baby towels are very similar to regular towels but they are a lot smaller. If you use regular towels to dry your baby they can be a little cumbersome and they may act as a trip hazard if your baby is learning to walk. Also regular towels can quickly fill up your laundry basket if they happen to get soiled shortly after the bath. If you use smaller baby towels they can be washed quickly and dry in half the time compared to a regular towel. When you use adorable hooded baby towels you turn a boring towel into one that is more fun to use which is perfect for fussy bath moments with children!

Hooded towels are great when you're having a bath in the home local pool or at the beach. If your baby is fussy about having their head covered many hooded towels can be worn like a poncho. For new parents bathing can be a bit challenging so finding anything that makes the task easier will help out. When you buy hooded baby towels you have a good choice of fun and exciting patterns. Using colourful and patterned towels can make bath time more exciting especially when it comes time to get out. Many babies and children are as reluctant to get out of a warm bath as they are to get in. However when you're using towels that they have chosen it makes everything more interesting for them. By getting baby towels with their favourite designs you may find your child is happier when taking a bath or at least you'll be able to keep the towel on them as they make a mad dash through your house after the bath!

At Best&Less we have an excellent assortment of clothes for your baby. You'll find there are baby outfits baby accessories baby bibs and baby wraps. If you are buying gifts for family and friends you may look through baby gift ideas essential baby sets baby knitwear and baby shoes. All the items listed in our online store are available for click and collect (unless marked) and home delivery.

How do you use a hooded baby towel?

Hooded baby towels are best used immediately after your baby has a bath. When you put the towel on it will slip over your baby's head; some towels will have armholes and others are poncho-style. Once the towel is on you can use it to dry your child or if you prefer you can leave the towel on to keep them warm and dry along with a regular towel. Once your baby is dry you can leave the towels on until you have fresh clothes ready. One of the brilliant aspects of the hooded towel is that it will keep your baby warm and dry but it won't slip off and create an additional hazard.

To make hooded baby towels even better for your child you can warm them up slightly. Use a hot water bottle filled with warm water and place it inside the towel. The hot water bottle will heat the towel and make it more appealing for your child to wear. If you don't have a hot water bottle you can also use a heat bag. Everyone loves a good warm towel after the bath and doing this will give your child something extra to look forward to after their bath!

What are the different delivery options?

At Best&Less we have several options for the delivery of your hooded baby towels. The easiest and fastest method for delivery is using our click and collect process. After you place your order and select the store for collection we'll have your order ready in about a day. If there are some items the store does not have we'll order them for you or source these from another nearby store. If there's any delay regarding your click and collect order we'll send you a notification. When your order is ready for collection we'll send you a message and you can go to the store and collect everything.

If you'd prefer to have your order sent to your home or any other address we have two different options. At Best&Less our shipping options are express and standard. With the express shipping your order is given priority and will be shipped from our warehouse on the same day (if placed before 3pm). With an order with standard shipping your order will be sent from our warehouse in one to two days. All orders are shipped through the Australia Post courier network and they will send you a tracking code. You can use this code to track your order as it makes its way to your door from our Sydney warehouse. For most addresses in Australia you'll receive your order in less than five business days. However at busier times of the year (e.g. Christmas) there may be some delays due to higher volumes of parcels being sent through Australia Post. If you choose to have the parcel left unattended at your home you don't need to be there when it arrives. Many people choose to receive their packages at a work address to make sure someone can accept the order. If you need any assistance with your order and delivery times please give our team a call.