A good bra is the key to all day comfort and confidence, so it makes sense that we would want to take care of them! Caring for your bra can extend their lifetime in your wardrobe, meaning less time shopping for new bras, and more time feeling and looking your best. Check out our care tips below, and shop for all of your bra and lingerie needs online at Best&Less.


The best way to wash bras is by handwashing them in cold water with gentle detergent. If you decide to wash them in a washing machine instead, make sure you use a lingerie bag to prevent them from becoming tangled or damaged in the process.
In order to protect them even further fasten them in so they don’t bend, tear or lose their original shape.


In order to let your bras dry in the best way possible, lay it flat to dry completely.
Remember to never hang them over heaters to dry and refrain from wringing them out or putting them in dryers.


Storage plays an important part in the preservation of bras. Fold bras fitted out with moulded cups in half, placing one cup inside of the other to minimise bending or denting and preserve the shape.
Stack all bras side by side in your underwear drawers.

Replacing Bras

The life of a bra has a lot to do with how its looked after. Rotating bras is particularly important, so remember to try not wear the same bra two days in a row.
This allows the fabric to recover and the design to retain its shape. If an everyday bra is rotated with another 4-5 styles, it should last up to two years or more.