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Women's Maternity Clothing

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Womens Maternity Crop Legging
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Womens Plus Size Maternity 7/8 Length Skinny Jean
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Womens Plus Size Nursing Tank
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Womens Maternity Chambray Short
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Finding out you're expecting a baby is very exciting but finding out how expensive maternity clothes are? Not so much! Don't despair Best&Less can clothe you and your growing bump in comfortable stylish maternity wear at a very reasonable piece.

When should I start shopping for maternity clothes?

The answer to this is - it varies and it's really a personal choice Some women find that they can get away with wearing activewear or stretchy jeggings for some of their pregnancy only needing maternity clothes towards the second or third trimester. Other women find they pop' quite early on and need to buy maternity clothes to accommodate their baby bump in their first trimester. Often this is the case with second of subsequent pregnancies. Some mums-to-be require outfits they can style for work and others can opt for more casual loungewear or leggings. Sometimes regular clothes can be great maternity options especially sized up. For example loose-fit dresses can often accommodate a growing belly like oversized women's shirts - especially when teamed with a camisole such as our maternity camisole. The basic rule of thumb is to ensure that none of your clothing is restrictive or uncomfortably tight when pregnant. If things are feeling tight it's time to start shopping for maternity clothes!

What size of maternity clothes should I get?

This can be a tricky one! Usually we suggest you start by sticking to your regular clothing size as maternity clothes will allow for your new waistline! However some women find their shape changes all over in which case you might need to go up a size or two. Trying on clothes in-store is the best way to ensure the correct fit but if you shop and order online you buy with confidence knowing you can return your items for a full refund with our easy returns policy.

When you're shopping our collection of maternity clothes and lingerie sets you'll notice that some sizing is designed to accommodate a range of regular sizing. For example our maternity bras are not always sized according to cup size but more a Small/Medium/Large type system with each size bracket encompassing a range of regular sizes. This gives a lot more flexibility when making your purchase and also adjustability that allows for your changing body. If you're unsure about your size don't forget you can take a look at the information in the size guide available on the Best&Less website.

Where can I buy cheap maternity clothes online?

Maternity clothes are readily available online but you'll often find that maternity fashion brands come with a high price tag. Best&Less can provide a great alternative to some of the brand name clothing so you can get new maternity clothes in the latest styles and pay a fraction of the price. Shopping online is so convenient; find the product you want and get prompt delivery and flat-rate shipping straight to your preferred address. Alternatively you can order online and opt to collect your items from you nominated Best&Less store.

What to do with maternity clothes after pregnancy?

After pregnancy you of course have the option to store donate or sell you maternity clothes but don't be too hasty in getting rid of them! They're super handy for postpartum bodies too. It's particularly important to have some items of maternity clothes that can offer support for your abdominal muscles in the week just after giving birth. Some good quality shapewear can be great for this too. Equally important are clothes that offer support to your bust area with the added convenience of easy access for nursing. Our women's bras include a range of maternity and nursing bras and crop tops as well as drop-cup camisoles that allow for discreet nursing whilst still keeping your belly covered. Buying a correctly fitting maternity and nursing bra is very important. It's vital to ensure that no part of the bra is cutting across or digging into your breast tissue as this can lead to breast health complications such as mastitis. Equally important is transitioning to a maternity bra during pregnancy. It is recommended to wear only soft-cup bras or crop tops without underwires. Once again underwires can put pressure on breast tissue and can even cause complications before giving birth and commencing breastfeeding.

activewear loungewear leggings and jeggings are likely to be on high rotation in you post-partum period Best&Less has a fantastic range. Team them with something from our range of women's jumper or women's shirts for everyday style and comfort. And don't forget to plan for your stay in hospital. Pick up a lovely pair of pyjamas and a new dressing gown or browse our range of nighties for women both online and in-store.

And of course Best&Less can supply all you clothing neds for your precious newborn. Be sure to check out our beautifully curated collection of baby clothes. Trust us when we say that this is so much more than your traditional onesie! But you'll need some of those too and our Bonds baby range has got you covered there. You'll have a hard time choosing front he vast array of colour and pattern options available! From onesie to baby jumpers to baby swimwearand maternity clothes Best&Less can dress you and your baby for any and every occasion!