Our Quality Guarantee


Many brands say they offer it, but few deliver on it. After all how do you measure quality? By the way fabric feels, by the way it hugs your body shape or by the length of time it lasts? We believe it’s all of that, and more.

We don’t just say we believe in quality, we guarantee it.

We guarantee that all of our garments are made from our highest quality, fully tested fabrics.

We guarantee that they will fit and wear correctly, and most importantly, we guarantee that our garments will outlast the season.

Our Best&Less 100 day guarantee is a symbol of our promise to you. When you see it, you can rest assured that the garment you’re buying has been designed, fitted, sewn and tested to our highest standard.

That’s our promise to you.


We believe that safety is paramount.

That’s why we adhere to a strict safety policy that meets international guidelines.

All of our products are tested in accredited laboratories according to Australian and International Standards. We also ensure that the regulations regarding the flammability labelling in children’s nightwear are correctly tested and labelled. We conduct internal risk assessments to ensure all products are safe for the entire the family.

What’s more, we adhere to a strict needle testing policy and do not use hazardous chemicals including formaldehyde, lead and more.


We believe our great clothing will always outlasts the season.

We test all our fabrics in accredited laboratories to ensure the fabric will not shrink, fade or pill and will hold their colour.

Our finished products go through excessive testing and fitting before approval and are washed according to the Best&Less care code. Through this rigorous testing we can comfortably say that our garments are guaranteed to last.


We believe that clothing should flatter the shape of your body.

To ensure each garment meets our high standards, we fit each style several times during the development process. Every garment gets ‘fit-approved’ at three separate stages of production, so when you wear a Best&Less garment, you’ll know that it fits perfectly.

We’ve also created a ‘sizing standard’ across every part of our business to ensure that all the styles have consistent sizing, no matter where or when you shop with us.