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Raincoats and Spray Jackets for Kids

Keep the kids protected from the elements no matter the season with our versatile selection of raincoats and spray jackets for kids. Designed from durable fabrics with weather and wear in mind raincoats are essential for going to and fro during those wet weather months. Choose from pullover styles with attached hoods and pouches for fuss-free fits that keep their hands covered and button-front raincoats that come down to the knee for more spacious styles that also cover their backpacks. Rely on cuffed sleeves for cosy fits that prevent rain from seeping in and hoods with draw-string cords that allow adjustments for ample comfort and coverage. Combat the chill of wild and windy weather with spray jackets fitted out in diverse designs. Made from durable fabrics that withstand weather with ease spray jackets maintain stable body temperatures when the wind is a gale. Rely on attached hoods and front pouches to keep their heads and hands protected and cuffed sleeves that conceal their wrists and arms from crisp wind.

For a functional selection of raincoats and spray jackets that will get them to and from school in wet weather with ease shop online with Best&Less Australia. From button-front raincoats in bold and bright colours to pullover spray jackets in understated styles our selection will keep your little ones sheltered from the elements throughout the seasons.