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Yoga pants or workout pants are comfortable bottoms crafted for the sole purpose of sport and exercise. As more ranges are released every year and attention to detail in designs are heightened it has since come to possess the perfect balance between style and comfort. Making them evermore suitable casual wear. Yoga pants are the perfect run-around pants. Whether you're running on a treadmill or after little ones they are the perfect alternative to tight jeans.

What is the difference between yoga pants and leggings?

The sole difference between yoga pants and leggings is the material used. Workout tights or yoga pants are made from fabrics that are breathable flexible and durable. Yoga pants are made with moisture-wicking features that flicks off sweat and keeps you cool throughout your workout. The materials are designed to move with you while retaining their supportive shape. Leggings are usually made from softer materials such as cotton. Leggings are not ideal for fitness activities.

Yoga pants while they are workout tights are not just for the gym. Athleisure has never been so popular. Our yoga pants are incredibly suitable for casual catch-ups with friends or running errands. Fitness clothing has gained a position in the ranks of 21st century fashion owing to its versatility and comfort. We have yoga pants that will take you from cardio to coffee with ease.

For when you're hitting the gym style your yoga pants with a supportive and comfortable sports bra and breathable tank top that will keep you cool while you work up a sweat. Complete the look with a comfortable pair of trainers. And for when you're hitting the smashed avo complete your yoga pants look with a fashionable crop top or hoodie for when the weather takes a turn. Finish off with a pair of white trainers and you're ready to go.