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The Best&Less range of baby swimwear includes everything you need to keep them happy and comfortable in the water and on the sand, all while being safe from the sun. Our range of baby swimwear is the first stop for getting everything you need for their first swim or regular trips to the pool and beach.

Should my baby wear a long sleeve swimsuit?

Absolutely. Your baby’s skin is highly sensitive so this means that any exposure to the sun can result in irritation and sunburn. Try to avoid baby two-piece swimsuits. Particularly in Australia, being outside even for just a few minutes in summer can result in painful and dangerous sunburn. Protect your baby with a long sleeve swimsuit. Stress-free fun for everyone.

The last thing we want is for baby to be burnt, so long sleeve baby swimwear is always the safest option. Our selection of baby swimsuit designs includes a safe sleeve that won’t restrict baby’s movement and flexibility while they’re playing at the beach or in the pool. You can choose from exciting designs available in boy legs pants, no pants, cute little frills and bold patterns perfect for your baby girl or boy. Don’t forget to add a hat for extra protection.

The other reason why it’s a good idea for baby to wear a long sleeve swimsuit is to guard against the potential for baby to develop a rash. Children, especially when they are very young, are not always able to make themselves comfortable so if they are developing a rash somewhere, they may not be able to shift their body’s position to stop it from getting worse.

These rashes can occur because of the sand at the beach, the salt in the water, the materials of floatation devices and water toys, chlorine in the pool, exposure to the sun or other general allergens in the air. Every baby is different, and one may have more sensitive skin than another. To help ensure that your baby has fun in the sun, baby rashies and infant rash guard swimwear can help to prevent rubbing rashes or skin irritants from becoming too uncomfortable or, hopefully, stop them from developing at all.

Choose from the Best&Less range of baby swimwear for the perfect suit for your baby. We have made sure our swimsuits are extra baby friendly. Choose from a range of full rash suits, swim shorts, rashies and bottoms. Suits are available with convenient press stud designs to ensure easy and quick access to nappies when changing time arrives.

Do you have everything baby needs for the perfect summer day out? Discover the range from Best&Less designed for baby including rompers, singlets, tops, dresses, overalls and so much more. We have beach toys to keep them entertained on the sand and hooded baby towels for when it is time to go home.

At Best&Less we take pride in being home to some of the best baby clothes & accessories on the market. We host some of your favourite brands like Baby Berry, Bonds, Tradie, Underworks and more. Check them out today and we promise you are going to love what you find.