Different Ways to Wear Flannel Shirts

Our Favourite Ways to Wear a Flannel Shirt

16th April 2020

Flannel shirts (ahem, flannos) have got to be up there as one of Australia’s staple styles. Soft and lightweight yet durable and warm, it’s almost un-Australian not to have one stashed in your wardrobe somewhere. Whether you wear them around the house in winter or incorporate them into outfits, these rustic shirts create outfits that are understated and effortlessly cool.

Check, plaid, tartan, whatever, here are our favourite ways to wear a flannel shirt.

As Statement Pieces

Flannel shirts almost always come in colourful tartan prints. Originating from Wales in the 17th century and becoming popularised in America by a man named Hamilton Carhartt, the trend of tartan flannel can be traced back to its Scottish and Welsh heritage. The words ‘flannel’ and ‘plaid,’ although possessing different meanings, had long been synonymous and so the style has been ever since.

As tartan prints are a statement all on their own, let the shirt stand out alone. Rely on denim jeans and hiker boots for a relaxed and rustic style, reserving bomber jackets and chino pants for more of a smart-casual look.

Layered Looks

Lightweight yet warm, flannel shirts make the perfect piece in layered looks. Flannel was made from carded wool or woven yarn in the past but is now often made from cotton fabric. Cotton fabric boasts a light and breathable nature that lends itself to layering and can be brushed for added warmth, trapping body heat in and creating natural insulation.

Fashion them with short-sleeve tees jeans for a lightweight layered look, adding on a puffer jacket or coat on those extra cold days in winter. Finish off the outfit with a pair of your favourite sneakers or some bold combat boots.

Casual Style

Flannel shirts, while versatile, are above all casual. With relaxed fits that lend to layering, they’re often layered over tees or worn on their own for their comfort and warmth.

Slim-fit denim jeans and boots are the go-to style for most men when it comes to flannel. Comfortable, relaxed and boasting more interest than a plain tee and jeans combo, you can see why. You can, however, also style flannel shirts for the warmer months. Opt for a lightweight style, roll the sleeves up and team them with chino shorts and white sneakers for a relaxed look on weekends.