Harmony Day At Best&Less

8th March 2021

Harmony Day is the time of year that we, as Australians, come together to celebrate our multicultural society. Harmony Week is full of celebratory events across schools, workplaces and local communities, all of which are designed to ensure that everyone in Australia feels as if they belong, that they are included and that they are respected. Our diverse nation is a cause for celebration - and we know that the little ones are sure to have school events on to help them do just that. Beyond school, here are some other ways to celebrate Harmony Week!

Share Your Favourite Meals

Food brings people of all cultures together, so one of the fun and delicious ways to celebrate Harmony Week is to share a meal with your friends, family, coworkers or peers. Organise an event where each invitee can bring a dish that represents their culture, whether it's a yummy pasta dish, or a comforting curry. Share recipes, and make an effort to learn more about the cultural significance of each dish - is it a traditional dessert, street food, or a dish usually served at family dinners?

Learn Something New

Part of appreciating all cultures is learning about them! There’s so many resources to help everyone learn about people of all backgrounds and cultures, whether it's through a movie or TV show, a book, or even learning some new words in a language that you don’t speak. Sit down with your little ones, and help them learn the word or phrase for ‘hello’ in as many languages as possible.

Listen to New Music

Music is one of those things that everyone loves - of course there are different genres, but a song can be an excellent way to hear and learn more about another culture. Discover multilingual songs by diving into the world of K-Pop, or simply searching on your favourite music platform for songs that aren’t sung in your first language. To get the kids involved, find a classic song or nursery rhyme that they know that's being sung in a different language! Throughout Harmony Week, let them practice learning the whole song in that other language.

Whether your kids are going to be participating in a simple assembly about inclusion and diversity, or they’re celebrating in a bigger way with snacks and meals from different cultures, or activities that promote inclusion and belonging, Best&Less is home to the outfits that will help kids get into the spirit! Orange is the official colour of Harmony Week, it symbolises communications, conversation and respect between all people. Check out our range of Harmony Day clothing for the kids, and help celebrate what makes Australia unique!