Find Your Fit: Blissful Blooms Collection

3rd February 2021

Finding that perfect bra can seem almost impossible! Besides the endless struggle with sizing, there’s just SO many styles to choose from, how are we to know which is the right one for us? Best&Less are here to help. We know finding the right bra is something every woman wants, so we’ve put together this handy blog to help you decide what fit is right for you. Our new Blissful Blooms lingerie collection is the perfect place to start your search, with gorgeous new bras for just $10. Discover your new favourite style at Best&Less.

The T-Shirt Bra

The t-shirt bra is the ultimate everyday style. Designed to sit smoothly and comfortably underneath t-shirts (as the name suggests), this silhouette is made to pair with work styles, loungewear, and casual looks. Often donning fully adjustable straps, a full coverage cup, smooth and soft fabrics, and classic hook and eye closures at the back. It will provide comfortable, everyday structure and support via underwire, without the frills of extra padding or longline underbust.The t-shirt bra silhouette often falls victim to drab black and boring beige shades, which aren’t always the most confidence boosting looks, so our new Blissful Blooms collection was designed to combat that lacklustre feeling. Pop on our colourful printed style, with matching boyleg underwear to start your day off right!

The Balconette Bra

The balconette bra is the style made for women with a collection of fancy blouses and tops where a t-shirt bra just won’t cut it. The silhouette pairs well with plunging necklines, and tops that reveal more of the back area. Most likely, this is the bra you’ll want to pull out of your drawer when the dress code calls for ‘jeans and a nice top’. The design often has slightly less cup coverage than a t-shirt bra in terms of height, and the straps sit at a larger width apart from each other, allowing for wide neckline shirts. You’ll still feel supported with the underwire, however finding the right fit is extra important to ensure your bust isn’t ‘spilling’ out of the cup. With this style often making its way into outfits made for going out, a fun colour option is totally viable, our Amelia collection is full of gorgeous purple and pink hues, matching back perfectly with the blissful blooms print. Pair this silhouette with a classic gee underwear style.

The Push Up Bra

The push up bra is the show stopper! Made to lift and shape in a more dramatic way than other silhouettes, this style is perfect for v-necklines, cocktail dresses, or any outfit that requires a little more cleavage. While this type of bra is sure to make your bust look fuller than it might otherwise, it's also an extremely supportive silhouette that can work for any bust size. The extra padding in the bottom of the cup creates a lift that can take some of the pressure off of the underwire, ultimately creating a more comfortable experience for the wearer. Push up styles can be found in a range of silhouettes, including demi cups, and plunge bras, choosing the right silhouette ultimately comes down to what you’ll be wearing the bra with. Our printed push up bra leans towards a t-shirt silhouette, meaning it will still provide full cup coverage, while creating lift, all while boasting a fun print. Style this bra with a mid or high rise brief.

The Wirefree Bra

The wirefree bra is the most relaxed fit you can find. Designed entirely to keep you comfortable, this silhouette is perfect for styling with loungewear, heading to a casual dinner party, or any day where the thought of tugging around underwire and boning seems like a little too much effort. This soft style pairs well underneath t-shirts, relaxed dresses, and works extremely well with layered Winter looks. The wirefree bra is somewhat similar to the t-shirt bra, in that it is often smooth and great for everyday wear. The exclusion of wire and extra padding means that this bra isn’t as supportive as most other bras, but with full coverage cups, will still remain comfortable and create a nice shape for your bust. Our blissful blooms printed wirefree bra creates a shapely look, without compromising on comfort and style. Pairing this silhouette with the matching boyleg ‘no lines’ underwear is the easiest way to create a fully relaxed style.

Our new lingerie collections are made for all shapes and sizes of women, no matter what the occasion is! Discover your new favourite bra silhouette, and the perfect matching underwear to create the confidence boosting base layer that every woman deserves. Shop affordable, quality lingerie at Best&Less online and in store now.