Mustard is the New Black

9th April 2020

The mustard trend is back, baby! The ultimate colour in terms of energy, self-expression and warmth, our latest mustard designs will bring some much-needed colour to your winter wardrobe. Whether it’s a sleeveless puffer vest that makes the perfect piece for layered looks or chunky knit cardigans that feel as cosy as they look colourful, our latest women’s styles will keep you on-trend this winter.

Here are the top 3 reasons we think mustard is a must-have this season.

It’s Vibrant, Yet Versatile

Life is not always black and white, it’s a million shades of mustard. Okay, not quite. It’s still a versatile tone though!

From subdued shades that emit an easy-on-the-eyes effect to bold tones that transcend ordinary outfits into those full of energy and life, it’s all possible with a mustard palette. Rely on lighter tones to add a touch of colour to pared-back outfits, reserving striking shades for highlighting distinctive styles and textures.

The Colours You Wear Effect You

It turns out the colour of our clothing affects us in ways that extend beyond mere fashion. It’s well known that interior design employs certain shades to create specific moods and the same can be said for using colours to help craft the day you desire.

If you’re lacking self-expression in your professional or personal commitments, subdued mustard hues have energetic and intuitive effects that you can feel when you incorporate into outfits. Bold designs featuring darker tones lend to high impact looks that emit confidence and bring a sense of depth and stability to your style.

It Adds Much-Needed Colour to Clothing

It’s safe to say that neutrals are having their moment in fashion. In fact, it seems style trends have not been able shake this preference for minimalism since the mid ‘90s. While neutral tones and minimalist styles play their part in the fashion scene, we can’t forget the fun that colour brings to an outfit.

Whether it’s a dark shade that contrasts well with lighter tones or a subdued hue that blends with neutrals and emits a feeling of effortless cool, mustard goes above and beyond when it comes to adding colour.