Trending Fabric: Pointelle

19th February 2021

Best&Less is home to all things baby. Your bub deserves to be comfy and cosy at every moment, which is why we want to introduce you to our new favourite trend for the little ones: pointelle fabric. We’re loving this fabric across baby sleepwear, singlets, rompers and more. Here’s 3 reasons we think you and your bub will love the new pointelle fabric range.

Its Lightweight

With crawling, sleeping and growing it's important to have a breezy, lightweight fabric on your little ones. They’ll want something that's easy to move in, but comfortable enough for a quick nap on the fly. Pointelle is a form of cotton, so it's inherently super lightweight, and soft to touch. Even though it's a knit fabric, its formulation means that it won’t be too heavy, and can comfortably be layered if your little one needs something to warm up.

Its Breathable

Pointelle is ultra cosy, and its feel generally keeps bub pretty warm, but with cotton being such a versatile fabric, it’s still quite breathable. This fabric in particular has a certain pattern that allows for air to escape and flow through, it creates small gaps in the garment that makes a cute yet subtle pattern. These elements mean that pointelle fabric can be worn all year round, layered or by itself, and be comfy through every season.

Its Cute!

Is there anything more important? Probably, but being cute is just the cherry on top of this gorgeous fabric. The style inherently creates a small, classic pattern that has been used in babywear for decades, and due to its versatility it can be dyed almost any colour in the rainbow. Best&Less has a wide variety of colours available, whether you’re looking for pink, blue, green or anything else! You can even print patterns onto this gorgeous fabric, so there truly is a sweet style for every little one.

The new pointelle cotton range at Best&Less is home to all of the essentials your little one needs. Discover tights, blankets, mittens, rompers and even more pointelle styles both in store, and online.