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Family is at the heart of Best&Less and this translates to every aspect of our business and the relationships we create with our customers, employees, suppliers and partners. We believe in the importance of investing in quality and safety while undertaking a genuine effort to lift social, environmental and community outcomes. It’s a global responsibility we can all take on together.









The only brand that stands by its quality, with a 100-day guarantee

As a brand adored by Aussie families, we know you want to invest in products that last – and that’s a promise from our family to yours. We live up to this promise with our exclusive 100-day quality guarantee, where you can return products easily and without questions if they don’t meet your expectations.

To continually meet our high standards, we have a Quality Assurance team of highly trained experts and work closely with both our buyers and suppliers to ensure all products consistently meet these standards. We personally test and consider aspects like design, fit, make and use of each product to ensure that the expectations of our customers are met long after purchase.

We know how many loads of laundry you go through, so to make it a little easier we also test all fabrics to ensure they meet requirements for durability with washing and care – including printed fabrics. All products are tested in accredited laboratories to the relevant Australian and international standards.

We work around the clock to ensure quality remains consistent, with ongoing staff feedback, long-term supplier relationships and monthly store visits. Best&Less is committed to providing the best for your family.


Our strict policies have assured our reputable safety record

Just as with our own family, our customer’s safety is of the utmost importance to us and we always work with the customer’s expectations in mind.

We employ a number of strict safety protocols at our factories including metal detection machines, flammability tests (tested and labelled per Australian standards) and other relevant risk assessments including restricting hazardous chemicals and dyes.

At Best&Less we want our customers to rest assured safety has not been compromised for our affordable products. Through these stringent practices, Best&Less has not had a mandatory ACCC recall for over 7 years.


Everyday our teams help to provide relief to those in need

Best&Less is committed to working together to do better, which is why we partnered with not-for-profit charity Drought Angels to help make a difference to our farmers and regional communities. With a major presence of our stores located regionally, we have seen the devasting effects of floods and drought first-hand. Drought Angels provide essential relief to farmers and their families such as:


Within the last 12 months we have conducted 217 factory audits which provide us with the most up to date position of our supplier base across all regions.

Ethical sourcing is a complex matter, that reaches the global retail environment and requires a commitment from world organisations and factory owners themselves to achieve systemic change. At Best&Less, the movement of ethical sourcing is not new, and something we have worked towards for over six years. Our Ethical Sourcing Code (ESC) outlines our code of conduct and policies in relation to social, environmental and standards of compliance that we require from our business partners. The ESC covers thirteen points and each one represents the values of our business. Our code is translated into Chinese and Bangla and is displayed in our factories for all workers to read. Our Ethical Sourcing Code can be viewed here.

Best&Less employs responsible sourcing policies and maintains stringent supplier selection and onboarding practices. This requires all suppliers to sign and agree to abide by our ESC prior to working with us. Best&Less recently introduced a global auditing program carried out by an independent third party – this specifically covers ethical, social and environmental factory conditions and mandates alliance to our Ethical Sourcing Code. Within the last 12 months, 217 direct suppliers were audited across ethical, social and environmental parameters by a specialist independent third party. By 2020 we aim to additionally audit all second-tier indirect suppliers.

The factories we work with are additionally fully compliant with Social Compliance Initiatives and have passed many other audits such as BSCI, Sedex, Disney and Walmart.

In order to ensure compliance of our standards we regularly conduct in-line and final inspection in the factories. Our teams regularly visit and audit factories to ensure these standards are maintained, and we seek to retain long-term supplier partnerships. Best&Less continually provide training and workshops for suppliers and their teams, both in Australia and overseas, to ensure the entire process remains ethically sound.

We hold a zero-tolerance policy for the use of child labour, forced labour or prison labour in the manufacturing of our garments. We strive for full transparency and do not allow outsourcing or subcontracting unless sub-contractors are audited and approved also.

The majority of our products are produced in China, followed by Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Cambodia. Please note: We ban the use of cotton from Uzbekistan.

View our supplier list here.


We believe in the global movement towards a living wage

Best&Less is passionate about working towards closing the gap between living wages and minimum wages and understand it will require multi-stakeholder collaboration to gain momentum. Steps we have taken include implementing:


By 2025, we aim to have all packaging re-usable, recyclable or compostable

At Best&Less we are proud signatories to the Australian Packaging Covenant and have been for the last five years. Our goal is to have all packaging recyclable, re-useable or compostable by 2025. Through APCO we follow the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines of which the principals are:

  1. Fit for Purpose – designed to consumers’ needs and cost effective
  2. Resource Efficiency – minimise the use of materials without compromising quality or safety
  3. Low-impact Materials – designed to minimise impact on the environment
  4. Resource Recovery – designed to maximise recovery and recycling

Best&Less also joined the Sustainability Advantage Program in 2018, which is offered through the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) and provides solutions to sustainability guidelines and training by expert consultants. Our focus has been on four key pillars:

  1. Waste
  2. Packaging
  3. Energy/Co2
  4. Sustainable Clothing

We have made considerable progress in all four areas and it is an ongoing scheme of improvement.

Best&Less has started the journey of integrating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) into our business with a focus on environmental impacts of fast fashion and human rights concerns in the supply chain. We are also driving a push towards circularity and greater transparency in clothing and textile manufacturing.

We are continually investigating ways in which we can make a significant positive difference with regards to sustainability and have identified priority areas for action and gaps to address.

Best&Less has produced an Organic Cotton Range for the past six years with cotton that is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified.


No fur is used in our garments

Our fur friends are just as important to us as our customers here at Best&Less. We proudly do not use any animal fur on our garments (all of the fur trim used is man-made/synthetic fibres).

We strive to ensure no animal cruelty in our manufacturing process and our general merchandise products, like cosmetics, are not tested on animals.