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From t-shirts and tank tops to kids active shorts and leggings, at Best&Less we’ve got your kid’s activewear needs covered. Our kid’s workout clothes are designed to be comfortable, affordable and look good while allowing plenty of flexibility to suit active children. Most Aussie kids love being outdoors. Whether they’re competing in a sports competition, playing in the park or running around the playground, children’s activewear is very versatile and suitable for a range of different activities.

Bike shorts are a popular choice for kids. They move with your body so are functional and practical. On cooler days, leggings look great paired with a t-shirt or under sports shorts. Girls active leggings can also be worn under dresses or skirts, and are great for mixing and matching with other activewear in your children’s wardrobe! When it comes to kid’s exercise clothes, layering is important so kids can layer up or down depending on the weather and what activity they are doing. For the milder weather or to put on after exercise, we have cute puffa jackets, windbreakers or cosy hoodies to keep your kids warm. Australians love their tracky-dacks too, and kids are no different. Whether it’s for sport and exercise or just to wear around the house, track pants are super comfortable and very adaptable.

Our kid’s activewear range is ideal for exercise or sport, but it is also great for everyday wear. Whether you are playing outside or just relaxing around the house, kid’s athletic wear is comfortable enough to wear all day long. No matter what your kids enjoy doing, at Best&Less we have activewear that will keep them comfortable and ready for action.

How to choose kid’s activewear?

When buying kid’s activewear, there are several factors to consider. Kids are very energetic, so you’ll need to find clothing that is practical and comfortable to wear, as well as being good quality. There’s nothing worse than having itchy, uncomfortable clothing as your children go about their day. The fabric needs to be flexible and breathable to keep your kids cool while they exercise, as well as being durable enough for the clothes to retain their shape. From stretchy elastane and polyester to lightweight organic rib cotton, at Best&Less we sell activewear for kids in a range of different fabrics. Children tend to get dirty when they play, so buying machine-washable activewear for kids is also a good idea, too!

You’ll also need to choose sports outfits for kids that fit well. When looking at sizes, they roughly match your child’s age but don’t worry if this isn’t the case. All kids are different, so at Best&Less we have a handy size chart online to help you work out the best size for your child. As well as fitting well, your kids will want to wear exercise clothes that match their style and help them to feel more confident. With so many colours, brands, patterns and designs to choose from, you’re sure to find something your kids will love. From bold vibrant colours to pastel hues, multi-coloured tees and brightly patterned leggings to something more understated, or classic styles to the latest trends, there is kid’s activewear on offer to suit everyone’s tastes. And with new stock arriving all the time, there’s also options available for the kids who like to keep up-to-date with the latest trends.

We also know affordability is an important factor too when choosing kids running clothes. At Best&Less, we sell high quality, fashionable activewear and sportswear for kids at very low prices. For an extra bargain on your activewear for kids, check our clearance page where everything is on sale! From backpacks, caps, water bottles and bucket hats to traditional lace-up trainers, runners with self-fastening tabs or socks, we also have plenty of affordable accessories on offer too.

Where to find good quality kid’s activewear near me?

Best&Less sells a wide range of stylish and affordable children’s activewear. To find a store near you, head to our handy store finder. Here you can search by suburb or state to find the Best&Less outlet closest to you. Or for an even more convenient alternative, why not shop online? This can not only save you time and stress but if you live in a remote area, you won’t need to drive for miles to buy affordable activewear for children. Instead, your purchase will only be a few clicks away. If you need any assistance along the way, you can contact our customer support team who would love to help you.

At Best&Less, you can browse our entire collection of kid’s activewear from the comfort of your own home, and we can deliver your products to you across Australia. We have Standard as well as Express Shipping, so you can choose the option that works best for you, and once you’ve placed your order, you’ll get a tracking number from Australia Post so you can see where your items are every step of the way.

From elite tank tops to girls activewear sets and activewear for toddlers, at Best&less, we sell kid’s activewear in a range of colours, sizes and prices from sizes 0-16 to help your children stay cool and comfortable. As well as activewear, we also sell plenty of other boys and girls clothes online. From kids swimwear and boys pyjamas to girls dresses and baby jumpers, we sell stylish and affordable kids clothes for all occasions. While you are buying clothes for the kids, why not buy something for yourself as well? We have an extensive collection of activewear for mums and dads, too. Happy shopping!