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Women’s Briefs

Enjoy uncompromised comfort from day to day with our wide range of women’s underwear for all shapes and sizes. The first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at night, comfort is of the utmost importance when it comes to underwear. From full and midi briefs that provide the ultimate coverage to cheekier skimpy briefs and G-Strings that foster seamless finishes, our diverse range of undies can be catered to different outfits and occasions. Delicate lace, comfortable cotton, ribbed designs and more, shop the selection of women’s underwear online at Best&Less for designs that have been made with fit and feel in mind.

Bikini briefs make the best underwear for women when it comes to everyday wear. Fashioned in a low-rise style that is slim at the sides with medium coverage at the back, bikini briefs boast an effortless fit and feel. Wear them with low-rise jeans or pants for comfortable underwear that keeps in with the outfit or with figure-hugging skirts or dresses as seamless styles camouflage beneath clothing with ease. Choose from cotton undies for their soft-touch texture and breathable finishes or ribbed designs for their ultimate flexibility and recovery. Designed to sit low on the hips and high on the leg, this style is suited to athletic shapes in particular.

Suitable styles for everyday wear owing to their comfort, make the most our boyleg and shortie briefs. Fitted out in a low-rise style with a hipster shape, shortie briefs should make a staple style in any woman’s underwear drawers. Sitting low on the hops with medium coverage at the back, their shape is as versatile as their fit is comfortable. For a more modest option that also smooths your silhouette, take advantage of boyleg briefs. Featuring a mid-rise style that’s thick at the sides with complete coverage at the back, boylegs offer more leg coverage than other underwear that’s flattering to figures of all shapes and sizes.

For those form-fitting outfits that call for seamless underwear, make the most of skimpy briefs with seam-free finishes. Featuring cheeky cutaway sides and little coverage at the back, skimpy briefs are the perfect option for women who desire a sleek underwear design with more coverage than a G-String. Their seam-free finishes foster smooth silhouettes beneath even the most figure-hugging clothing while soft elastic waistbands secure them in place so they don’t ride up or down throughout the day. Designed to sit low on the hips and flatter your derriere, skimpy underwear is suited to women with pear shapes the most.

When it comes to making the most streamlined looks possible, take advantage of our gorgeous selection of G-Strings. Fashioned in a mid-rise style that sits at the natural curve of the hips with a thong back, G-Strings minimise the appearance of underwear lines altogether. Wear them with bike shorts or leggings for less coverage and a fuller range of movement or beneath bodycon dresses for complete confidence with your look. Nude tones blend in beneath light-coloured clothing with ease while bright prints and patterns are better suited to darker styles.

For those days where you’re after complete coverage and comfort, look no further than our collection of full and midi briefs for ladies. Designed to sit on the hips and offer full bottom coverage, midi briefs are a comfortable everyday option suited to all shapes and sizes. If you’re after complete coverage across your mid-section, opt for full briefs instead. Fashioned in high-waist styles with complete back coverage, full briefs flatten your stomach and flatter your waistline complimenting women with apple shapes. Soft, secure and designed to highlight your silhouette, no underwear drawers are complete without a couple of pairs of midi and full briefs.

What is the best fabric for women’s panties?

While there are many different types of underwear for women, cotton is without a doubt the best fabric for everyday briefs. As cotton is a natural fibre the fabric possesses hypoallergenic properties that minimise irritation in individuals with sensitive skin. The lightweight nature of cotton fabric also lends to breathable fits that foster as fresh and clean a feeling as possible. As lace underwear tends to be made from a blend of fabrics for fit and feel always ensure the styles are fitted out with comfortable cotton gussets. While colour and detailing play important pants in creating beautiful undergarments for women, it’s their comfort that makes or breaks the design.

Update your underwear drawers with our wide collection of women’s underwear for both petite and plus sizes. From bikini briefs in neutral tones that make comfortable options for everyday wear to lace G-Strings in bold red, black and white designs, our styles are suited to an array of outfits and occasions. Comfy cotton, intricate lace, ribbed designs and more, shop online with Best&Less Australia for a range of women’s underwear that’s been made with fit and feel in mind.